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Beautiful lady!
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Fabulous image

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Dec, 2016


Photo & Retouch - Alex Litt;
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in my model’s place. Where was an awesome bathroom in the apartment she was renting, so we decided to make some unusual photos for both of us (she hadn’t a huge experience in nudes and I usually took pictures outside).
It was almost 3 pm. when we started our photoshoot. As we shooted inside, we haven’t problems with natural lighting and we didn't need to adjust it in time.
As I needed filling light on picture, I used a flash and the light dissipated smooth from the walls in bathroom. That helped me to put emphasis on her view and emotions, but not on the lighting and shadows.
This was shot on NIKON D700, with a 50mm Nikkor lens, shutter speed 1/125
As I usually have plein-air photoshoots, I wanted to change a bit my work location and shoot a series of photos in interior. But I didn’t want to take glamorous photos in «rich» apartments or hotels, as I’m not fond of such photos. While discussing with models the variants for our photoshoot place she told me about her bathroom and sent me the photos of location. We approved it for our idea and several days after this chat we were preparing the bathroom for taking photos. I was inspired by some «freak» color corrections and wanted the series to look unearthly. We managed, I think.
The only think that I did in post-production was color correction in Lightroom. The model was perfect and she didn't need any changes in Photoshop.
In my camera bag
I have no too much photo equipment. So, my best friend Nikon D700 is always with me, with 50 f/1.8 lens. Sometimes I take the flash and reflector. That's all!
First of all, prepare the brief for your photoshoot. You’ll know what exactly you need: the location, staff, equipment, model’s clothes (if needed). Second, discuss everything with model. If she feels herself uncomfortable posing like that - don’t force her and don’t insist. Just change a bit the idea. Third, but important think, imagine the result - you must know how the photo will look in final.

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