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susanmcfarland March 31, 2018
Nice shot
joggievanstaden May 04, 2018
Thank you Susan, appreciated!
AdirahsEyes May 01, 2018
Lighting makes the shot spectacular
jopa_1030 May 02, 2018
awesome capture!
joggievanstaden May 04, 2018
Thanks Jopa, appreciated!
speterson6 May 06, 2018
Wonderful intimate landscape. The light and location is amazing.
joggievanstaden May 15, 2018
Thanks speterson - a special place indeed
ronaldwebb Jan 25
Reminds me of Joshua tree national Park in the United States… Nicely done!

Quiver tree at sunrise

A large quiver tree in the Kokerboomkloof area of the Ai-Ais Richtersveld Tranfrontier park
A large quiver tree in the Kokerboomkloof area of the Ai-Ais Richtersveld Tranfrontier park
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Behind The Lens

This was taken in the arid Kokerboomkloof in the western section of the /Ai/Ais - Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, South Africa/Namibia.
This photo was taken about 45 minutes after sunrise. My fellow photographers and me has been out since an hour before sunrise, in the hope of a colourful sunrise with clouds - a real rare occurrence in the Richtersveld which receives around 100mm rain per year. The sunrise was very flat though with little colour filtering through the partly cloudy sky.
About 30 minutes after sunrise, the light quality began to change with pockets of warm sunlight breaking through and reflecting with wonderful golden hues from the yellow/orange desert sands to bounce back again from the low-lying clouds - creating a huge soft box with the most wonderful light. I had to react quick to position myself with this remarkable tree as foreground and took several photos before the light faded to normal.
Shot at 15mm with my Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 wide angle on the Nikon D800E. ISO 100, f13, 100th of a second - handheld.
The Richtersveld must be one of the most amazing localities for landscape photography in South Africa. It is remote, the climate is harsh and the roads are really bad. Within this area, the Kokerboomkloof (Quiver tree valley) must be one of the most photogenic and I was scouting beforehand for possible locations at different light conditions. These trees really personify the will to survive in this desolate and beautiful place. A real magnet for myself as a plant ecologist and a place I will always return to for it's sheer atmosphere and raw beauty.
These are one of those images where less editing is more. Processed in LR CC with basic adjustments to colour tone and balance, contrast, saturation and sharpness.
In my camera bag
My equipment depends on my objective for a shoot and often my mood. I do love the Nikkor 14-24 which is always in my bag for nature shoots. I often used the change that with either the 105mm Micro or the 70-200mm or the 200-500mm - these lenses bring a fresh perspective while working - forcing me to think, change my angles etc. I like to "work a scene" and also to return for different lighting situations and to try new ideas, perspectives and compositions.
Slow down, prepare and do your scouting. Allow nature to fill your senses before you snap away. Learn to look deeper, closer, wider and to learn and analyze the character of the landscape. Be sensitive to the light and mood of a scene and be prepared to change your ideas and thoughts, angle and perspective with the same tempo at which the light and mood change. Know your camera and expected settings to prevent technology to get in the way of your creativity. Enjoy the moment!

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