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Faces of poverty

Nepali farm children, Kapilavastu village, Lumbini, March 17, 2016

Nepali farm children, Kapilavastu village, Lumbini, March 17, 2016
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Daisy00 September 29, 2016
Sad place in this country, children suffering from poverty....great capture Larry!
larrywelch September 30, 2016
Nepal is a landlocked country with limited natural resources, it's one of the poorest nations. Many survive by leaving the country, working overseas, and sending money back to family. Quite sad! Thanks for commenting, Daisy!
CURUTCHET September 29, 2016
great photo ,, i presume they are working hard there
larrywelch September 30, 2016
Children from earliest age work in home by cleaning, cooking, washing, babysitting: they don't seem to have many idle moments. One day in teaching school in Nepal I was astonished with the responses I got in asking the class a question: Do you have chores at home. They were little dynamos in helps parents!
AmandaJayne September 29, 2016
My home would be full of children if I lived there .
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