Honey Bees - Hives Die

On Sunday morning, South Carolina bees began dying in massive numbers. Parts of Dorchester County were sprayed with Naled - a well known Insecticide that kills ...
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On Sunday morning, South Carolina bees began dying in massive numbers. Parts of Dorchester County were sprayed with Naled - a well known Insecticide that kills Mosquitoes on contact. It has been common practice to use this Insecticide in many areas. In this instance the concern was the Zika Virus. The County gave what they thought was plenty of warning. But circumstances were much different than normal. Because of the extreme heat, bees are known to leave the hive to cool off in what is known as a 'beard', clustering outside the hive in a ball to cool off. Normally beekeepers would shield their hives - somehow from what I read, there was a miscommunication. Most often the spraying is done at night when the bees are not foraging for pollen. One town that we often stay in on our way to Florida, Summerville-North Carolina, there is a single apiary, Flowertown Bee Supply and Farm. 46 Hives died on the spot - totalling 2.5 million Bees. Many bees inside hives were stressed and sought to escape their nests, only to surrender in dead heaps at the Hive entrances. A Summerville woman who walked around the farm wrote on Facebook that it was like visiting a Cemetary. The bees have become 'casualties' of the war on Zika. I just read this article this evening. Normally, Naled disperses so quickly it is not a risk to humans (according to the article). In order to reach areas they could not access by ground, planes were used. The County is very concerned so many bees were killed. The woman who owns this farm says it looks like it has been nuked. Her livelihood is gone - but she is more saddened at the loss of the bees. We are living on an Earth so different from that of 50 years ago. I wonder what will be next, it is so sad. (this is a different species of bee than the ones who died at the farm, they were honey bees but I wonder what other bees were affected)Search online for more information-I don't know what the solution is-Zika and West Nile are a real threat--but we need our Pollinators to have a food supply)
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Bazz PRO+
Bazz September 02, 2016
Stunning! Love this! Great macro and detail!
SuzMDixon PRO
SuzMDixon September 03, 2016
This is such a sad story! I was happy to have seen so many bees in my garden this summer and, as you say, they are so important! The image is absolutely beautiful - I love everything about it!
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman September 03, 2016
Beautiful photo but what a tragedy for the bees
AnneDphotography PRO+
AnneDphotography September 03, 2016
gorgeous capture , but what in the world are these industries thinking ... this scares the heck out of me and I hope the bees can rebuild but I have noticed a considerable amount gone even from my yard and garden this year ... I wasn't even sure if I was going to get any .....
terryc Platinum
terryc September 04, 2016
Another beauty, Gail!
nina050 September 05, 2016
This is wonderfully creative....but it is just tragic for the bees. Somebody wasn't doing their job, that's for sure....
Zilyram September 06, 2016
Beautiful macro and the blurred flower in background adds to impact. :)
chuckrickman September 08, 2016
mihrt PRO+
mihrt September 12, 2016
My sincere appreciation for all the encouragement shared for this image!
KayBrewer Platinum
KayBrewer September 19, 2016
I like the contrast in colors!

Yes, honey bees are in danger. Without them, WE'RE in danger!
estercastillo08 October 16, 2016
Very nice macro and beautiful colors , voted Monthly Pro 25
mihrt PRO+
mihrt October 16, 2016
Thank you so much for voting Ester
AnneDphotography PRO+
AnneDphotography October 16, 2016
voted , monthly pro ... awesome shot and edit
mihrt PRO+
mihrt October 16, 2016
Thankyou Anne!
mjhousto October 17, 2016
Another gorgeous image. Well done, Gail!
barbaramillesrobinson PRO+
barbaramillesrobinson November 18, 2016
This is brilliant! The detail on the left of the photo is exquisite and the edited flower gives the impression of the past or where he's been. Just incredible, Gail!
adavies September 17, 2017
Fantastic capture and edit...really well done, Gail! :)
Sun-Bee March 07, 2021
Beautiful macro with amazing details!!!
Kazza60 September 29, 2021
lovely voted multiple exposures
Bazz PRO+
Bazz October 01, 2021
Amazing! Well done! Voted Multiple Exposures! Good Luck!
KayBrewer Platinum
KayBrewer February 13, 2022
Voted Interesting Exposures
estercastillo08 February 16, 2022
Pretty , voted Interesting Exposure
KayBrewer Platinum
KayBrewer March 24, 2022
So pretty! Voted Rules of Thirds
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