kariwatkins September 26, 2016
absolutely stunning! where is this taken at?
Kane9 September 30, 2016
Hi Kari, it's the church of the good shepherd in Tekapo, NZ.
Paulacook144 May 30, 2017
Lovely light in this image. Well seen and handled.
Kane9 May 30, 2017
Thanks Paula, yes a mix of silvery moonlight and warmer car headlights, fun shooting.
Witmar May 30, 2017
beautiful picture
criflowers July 30, 2017
Great photo
Rcallen02 September 12, 2017
Awesome picture
Alwolfe September 18, 2017
Gorgeous shot!
Stunning image
henemark99 Jan 27
Superb shot
Very good
ruebusch Jan 28
Nicely done. was that a 1 minute exposure?
erwinrll Jan 29
Absolut beautiful. Excellent. i like it so much!
Mullardoch Feb 02
Love the mood coupled with the drama of the sky, and the composition is just spot on, lovely shot Kane.
Kane9 Feb 07
Cheers! Made a lot easier by having a wierdly quite night there with almost no people.
shootatsite Feb 03
Bonnie_D Feb 06
Kane9 Feb 07
Thanks bonnie, I just got a new wider lens and am looking forward to trying to get more shots this style over the southern winter.
bronxie Feb 07
Wow! Fantastic image
One of the best shots from this very overshot location I've seen!
Kane9 Feb 08
Wow thanks! The sky was almost clear when we arrived, was so happy to see that perfect cloud roll in.
I like the colours in this image. One of the best shots of this church I have seen
Kroberts Jun 15
Very nice shot. I’ve been to that chapel in a tour of New Zealand. It was a beautiful place! We were only there during the day. Wish I had seen it at night. Thanks for sharing.

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Aug, 2016

Midnight Rush

The world whizzes by...
But this old beauty sits comfortably on the brow by the lake as it has for many a fleeting silvery night.
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Behind The Lens

This grand old beauty is the Church of the Good Shepherd at Lake Tekapo. It was daunting going there knowing it can be crowded day and night, and wondering how I could capture a unique image at one of the most photographed locations in New Zealand.
I arrived at the spot at about 9pm on a full moon mid-winter night and was excited to see there was nobody there. I had my seven year old son with me offering useful tips on composition, from a lower perspective. He loves night photography adventures and is pretty adept at Lightroom now too. Two tripoders arrived and we had a nice chat then fortuitously they decided to go down toward the lake behind the church, so I set up my tripod out front and started the fun.
When I shoot astro I usually like to avoid all artificial light... but here it's different. Being in a tourist town there is traffic along the road heading directly down toward the church. Usually I would have timed my shots to avoid car lights if aiming for a Milky Way background, but on this bright full moon I chose to shoot as cars rushed by to balance the bright clouds rushing across the sky.
I use a Nikon D750 and for this image used a Samyang 14mm f/2.8 lens, mounted on a Manfrotto 190 tripod. With a cable remote I did several exposures from Iso800, f3.5/60 seconds to iso400, f5/300 seconds... I was pretty excited to see results on the LCD screen!
I'd taken some astro photos with fast moving clouds lit by a bright half moon earlier this year and liked the dynamic effect and moody light... so I had that in mind on this tour knowing I was going to have to make the most of full moon conditions.
This single exposure was tickled up in Lightroom only. Straight away I liked the contrast between the radial fingers of bright cloud and the darker cloud areas so I applied a brush and adjusted blacks/whites, contrast, clarity to accentuate this. I really like the silvery moonlight glancing across that beautiful slate tile roof... I brushed in some contrast, clarity and whites to bring out the cross-hatch texture. Then it was just balancing general light levels and colour to make sure it all pleased the eye.
In my camera bag
I get about adventuring, hiking etc... I like to think I've put together a versatile lightweight setup - a D750 and three primes, the 14mm, a nice sharp copy of a Samyang 24mm/f1.4 and a superb Sigma art 50mm/f1.4. I have a Feisol CT-3342 tripod which at ~1kg for a full height tripod is fantastic. I regularly use a Sunwayfoto pano-head because it has good rotator options in the range I use 15-30deg. Firstaid kit! warm gear, batteries, spare headlamps, CPL/ND's
If you have any subject for which you would like a unique lighting context, keep an eye out for fast moving thin (stratus/cumulous) clouds during bright moon nights. To get a perspective of radial cloud movement use an ultra wide lens deployed low looking slightly upward directly into the wind.

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