boats in fog

Photo taken as dusk on a foggy day, with just enough light to see the little boats tuck in for the night

Photo taken as dusk on a foggy day, with just enough light to see the little boats tuck in for the night
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Witmar August 01, 2016
good picture
millerb3 PRO
millerb3 December 19, 2016
Beautiful composition and tones. Congratulations
Pjerry PRO
Pjerry October 04, 2017
Very beautiful capture. Voted

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Morrow Bay, which is a beautiful town on the central coast of California.
It was late afternoon, near dusk, when I shot this image. The harbor filled with sailboat was almost totally fogged in, but since I find fog wonderfully atmospheric, I decided to linger there and photograph boats as the remaining light faded into night.
There was only a hint of light in the fog, but enough to help bring out some contrast during post processing in the otherwise flat atmosphere.
I shot this image with my Nikon d750 at 20mm and a fairly slow shutter speed of 1/5. I thought the shutter speed might help to capture the movement of light in the fog, even though it risked blurring the boats. My camera was mounted on a tripod, which is essential for low light and slow shutter speed photography.
I was inspired by the moodiness of the fog as nightfall began to descend over the landscape. Everything was damp, the air was heavy, and the brave little boats would soon be engulfed in darkness. That's the mood and story I wanted to capture.
I used selective contrast, dodging and burning, and some curves adjustments to amplify the light through the fog and to give the fog some contours.
In my camera bag
My bag is usually quite full, with a full-frame DSLR camera and three lenses--usually a wide angle, my "walk-around" 24-70 mm lens, and a longer zoom or macro lens, depending on what I intended to photograph on any particular day. I carry extra batteries, memory cards, lens cloths, camera and lens rain covers, remote shutter release, and some ND filters. Finally, my bag holds a small amount of chocolates and nuts and my cell phone.
Shoot for the mood. I was disappointed not to see any beautiful sunrises and sunsets during my few days in Morrow Bay, and at times that fog just seemed dreary. But knowing the fog would not lift, I finally allowed myself to connect with its own special kind of beauty and moody presence.

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