Garrapata dawn

Photographed on a cloudy dawn in Big Sur, California

Photographed on a cloudy dawn in Big Sur, California
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ircacaplikas PRO+
ircacaplikas January 04, 2018
Love this, superb tones and wonderful view

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Behind The Lens

This shot was taken from a seaside cliff located in Garapatta State Beach, along the beautiful section of California coast known as Big Sur. This is a rugged coastline with breathtaking views, with easy access from the road if you know where to find the trails leading to the edges of seaside cliffs.
This photo was taken at dawn on a slightly overcast morning with a light mist in the air. As is often the case with dawn light, it was subtle, subdued, and beautiful.
The early morning light was filtered through clouds and mist and this lent a moody feeling to the scene. Even though the waves were crashing against the rocks, I decided to flatten them out with a long exposure in a effort to accentuate the dreamy early morning mood created by the light, clouds and mist.
I used my Nikon d810 a for this shot, with my Nikon 24-70 f2/8 mounted to the camera. I always use a tripod for landscape photography, and this is essential for long exposure work. My tripod of choice for travel is the Gitzo Traveler 2, which is very sturdy and yet fits into my carry on luggage. To create the long exposure effect in this image, I used a 6 stop neutral density filter.
It was a crisp morning with the soft, mist filtered light of dawn illuminating the cliffs and sea. The mood was magical and I was inspired to capture that magic. I love the ways in which photography can frame a scene and capture its essence--a moment frozen in time.
I shoot in raw and always do some post-processing, but it was minimal in this image. I lifted some shadow, added some highlights and selective contrast, clarity, vibrance and sharpening. I did not want to over-process this image and ruin the softness of the mood.
In my camera bag
My bag is often quite full and can get a bit heavy! I usually carry one camera body (Nikon d810 or d750) and three lenses--a wide angle, my walk around Nikon 24-70mm lens, and a longer zoom. I also usually tuck in either my macro lens or a 50mm, depending on where I am going and what I think I may end up photographing. The bag includes extra batteries and memory cards, lens and camera rain covers, lens cloths, remote shutter release, allen wrenches, cell phone, and snacks (nuts and chocolate). I also carry a pouch with Lee filters.
This location was scouted the day before I took this photo, at a time during which the light was harsh and unappealing. I then returned to this spot very early the next morning to catch the scene at dawn. A spectacular vista needs the right light to show its full beauty, and it is worth making return trips to a scene in search of this light.

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