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cmorisset PRO
cmorisset May 29, 2016

Behind The Lens

I took the photo in my study. It was a spontaneous idea for trying out a multiple self portrait by showing a kind of "behind the scenes of a portrait photo".
It was a sunny June afternoon, but as I had the idea of creating a picture with the help of my flashes, I closed the shutters.
I wanted to do a flash-only picture, so I used my two external flashes which I could control via the integrated flash of my camera. As the flashes were the only illumination within the room, I had to use a flashlight to find my way to a new position between the shots without tripping over a tripod. Only when merging the pictures, I realized that the idea of using a flash-only scenario did make the editing process more complex. As I moved around for the different source images, my body would cast different shadows which increased the time I had to work on the pictures.
I made this picture just after I bought my Nikon D700. In the picture, I was holding my previous camera, a Nikon D2Hs which I sold shortly after. I used a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye zoom (which is meant to be used with crop sensor cameras, but at 17mm, it also worked fine with the D700). The camera was mounted on a tripod (which is essential for this kind of picture) and was remotely triggered.
This kind of multi-shot self portrait became popular at the time, so I thought about a variant which I didn't see yet. I thought the picture of myself taking a picture was a reather neat idea.
The picture is (obviously) composed from 5 pictures. For each picture, I changed my position.In post processing, I stacked the photos and masked the different layers to merge those areas which display myself into one picture
In my camera bag
As my Nikon equipment grew too heavy over time, I switched to Olympus. Nowadays, I have an Olympus E-M1 MkII with about 10 lenses. Recently, I switched fo Godox flashes which can be radio controlled. The decision which equipment to put into my bag depends on the occasion.
For cool photos, you do not have to travel to spectacular locations and hike in the night to a vista point to be there at sunrise (although this also can lead to great photos). With a bit of creativity, you can make interesting photos even without leaving your home. Which is especcially convenient on days with bad weather...

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