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MKoelen May 31, 2016
Awesome, light the toning somehow...
Vince_Pope May 31, 2016
thank you
GillianE May 31, 2016
Love this local shot stunning
Vince_Pope May 31, 2016
thank you, are you from P.N?
KJ72 July 13, 2017
keepclicking November 03, 2018
Great image

Te Apiti Wind Farm





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Behind The Lens

Te Apiti Wind Farm, this photo was taken at the back of a small town call Ashhurst in the Manawatu region of New Zealand, I am a 51 year old self-taught photographer and I grew up shooting lots of 35mm film from my pre teens to my late twenties and coming back to photography after a long break this was one of my earliest efforts with a dslr camera and I was still very much in a learning stage with digital, this was taken 9 years ago and was never printed or displayed in any way until recently.
This was taken in the evening of a summer's day around dusk not sure on the exact time but I remember I was excited to just photograph anything with my recently purchased Pentax K10D, after I finished work and had tea I drove about 25kms from my home in the small city of Palmerston North out to the Te Apiti wind farms which are the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and shot this small portion of the many turbines located in this area.
the evening was getting close to dusk and with the sun getting low a misty haze had started to creep in across the valley which looked fantastic I did however exaggerate this in post process later.
As mentioned I was shooting with my newly purchased Pentax K10D and I only had the kit 18-55mm lens attached which was quite a good lens for standard zoom, I hand held this shot at 1/60s / f16 with the iso at 100 taking advantage of the in-body stabilization of the K10D which was the selling point to me that this camera featured.
I was very green with digital photography at this time but the idea of having total creative control of the whole post process and being able to shoot as many photos as I wanted at no cost to me drew me back into my photographic passion and I haven't looked back since, I was hungry to shoot anything and landscape is my favourite type of photography so I went straight to the most iconic landscape in my region the Te Apiti Wind Farm.
As mentioned I did exaggerate the mist and deliberately blew the highlights out to further enhance the misty mountain effect, in fact this shot wasn't all that inspiring to me until I decided to play around with it in lightroom I had processed this as a black and white shot which looked good but revisited it in lightroom recently and played with the Hue sliders and came up with what we see now and I really liked the calm simple two-toned sillouette effect of the scene, I then posted this on viewbug and the response was really encouraging and people seemed to like it.
In my camera bag
I have since moved on from Pentax and after briefly trying other brands eventually ended up with the Sony E-mount mirrorless system and use a Sony A7RII for 80% of my photography and a Olympus OM-D EM5 MKII paired with the 40-150mm 2.8 pro lens and 1.4x teleconverter for my wildlife and action shots mainly when I need more reach but the A7RII is my baby and I was lucky enough to get a bargain on this in the secondhand market along with some nice Sony and Zeiss glass all purchased second hand as I am not a full-time professional and I have a limited budget I use the Zeiss FE 55mm f1.8, Sony FE28mm f2, Zeiss 24-70mm f4, Sony 70-200mm f4 I am hoping to get the Sony Zeiss 16-35mm f4 as soon as I can a ford it and possibly a macro and my kit will be pretty much complete for the photography I like to shoot.
Shoot early morning or late evening for the most creative light, even better if there is mist around and use a tripod if you can, make sure to shoot in RAW files which will give you the best platform to get more out of your shots in post processing, learn as much as you can about using the post process software Lightroom Photo Shop etc but don't be afraid of trying others such as Capture One or Affinity as these can give just as good results and are sometimes cheaper to buy, most of all get out there and take photos the way you want to with the best gear you currently have but don't get too concerned if you don't have the best equipment my Sony A7RII blows the Pentax K10D I used for this shot out of the water but this is still one of my favourite photos I have ever taken and when people appreciate my work they never ask what camera I used, only rarely another photographer will.

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