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Frost on Grass

Bokeh on frozen fields

Bokeh on frozen fields
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kathyk_abq August 27, 2017

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Behind The Lens

I traveled to do photograph work for a local magazine to a town in the Karoo, South Africa. I slept in my car next to a river in the winter and the next morning after a cold night of frost I took frost photos of the the colorful frozen grass. The beautiful colors came from the frozen crystals against the sunlight. it was all gone in 45 min after the sun came up.
At Sunrise on a cold winters morning when the sun came up
It was bright sunrise light reflecting on the frozen drops.
I Use only Canon Equipment and the photo was taken with my first Canon 350D .. I cannot remember the lens that was use. It was taken hand held and support the camera on my knee.
The beautiful mist of the cold morning and the beautiful reflections of the sunlight on the frozen drops.
I use only Photoshop for post processing.
In my camera bag
I Use Canon equipment with a Sigma 18-200mm lens with a tripod if the light is low.
Keep on taking photos .. look and learn from others.

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