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lorigoyetche November 16, 2017
I love your photos and the vibrant colours you capture...simply beautiful!
leonhugo November 16, 2017
Thank you. i had great fun shooting it.
josie_wolliston April 19, 2018
Amazing shot! What vibrant colors!
leonhugo April 29, 2018
Thank you
leonhugo Jul 10
Thank you to each and everyone for your support and love shown for my Fun at the Fair Contest entry and for giving me a award.

Colorful Big Wheel

Playland Summer Fun.
Playland Summer Fun.
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at the summer fair big wheel that visit out small city Port Elizabeth only during summer holidays.
The photo was taken early evening on a cold misty wet evening, hens the appearance of small drops In the picture.
The light was just after blue hour and I used a travel tripod coz the aperture was F10 and I needed a tripod to take a sharp picture for the long exposure.
I used my Canon 7 D Mark 2 for the photos with a 18-250 Sigma lens. I used a little travel tripod to take the photo coz it was a long exposure.
I am always looking for new and fun things to photograph and use some of the ideas I seen on Viewbug that is an inspiration for new photos. That was my first time photographing at the fair at night.
I do post processing of all my photos to make it master pieces and I use Photoshop CC for all the fun creations. I think I have manage to edit photos to perfection these days with my own personal raw editing settings and that is my identity as photographer.
In my camera bag
I use only a Canon camera body with Sigma lenses and a Canon Flash for all my work! Now and then my Apple MacBook Pro will find its way into my camera bag when I have jobs to edit for clients on the spot coz they need it for social media.
Like I always say to everyone .. Keep on taking photos and never stop taking photos because you learn your camera settings only by doing it till you perfect in doing it. Always look and learn from others and always go for gold. Hard work pays off! I love my work as photographer.

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