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G_girl May 16, 2016
Gorgeous capture
aprillewis May 25, 2016
ImagesByLouisa May 26, 2016
it is great to see this spot at a different time, the ice makes the view stunning. you must have been cold
ianmontgomery July 30, 2016
Cold? It wasnt cold it was F#cking freezing!!!!
jeanievalentine June 11, 2016
Beautiful. A place I'd like to visit.
mickeyherd June 24, 2016
I agree. Would love to see this in real life. Beautiful!!
davidsloan July 06, 2016
An awesome capture, fabulous.
maureenrueffer July 13, 2016
Congrats! It's wonderful image!
clarababobabo August 27, 2016
Gosto muito desta foto ! .....
medlabtech August 30, 2016
Very Nice capture,Congrats
conniehumphreys_3889 April 16, 2017
JohnnyGrant234 April 17, 2017
This came up in a "tips on waterfalls" and you mentioned you processed in lightroom and photoshop, so is this taken in RAW format?
ianmontgomery April 30, 2017
yes, i always shoot RAW
MD_Schloer April 18, 2017
patrickjones November 10, 2017
Very nice
RachelKey August 29, 2018
What Amazing Landscape, capture and shot, Thanks!
judykarendal November 04, 2018
Absolutely gorgeous!


Partially frozen waterfall in Iceland
Partially frozen waterfall in Iceland
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken of course in Iceland. I spent 12 days driving the ring road and was just left speechless by the incredible beauty of the country. We have all seen so many photos from there and heard all the stories but nothing you can read or see in photographs comes close to explaining how amazing the landscape is there. I strongly suggest if you have been wanting to go, just find the money and get there as soon as possible. You will not regret it.
The photo was taken later in the day, around 4pm I think.
All natural light.
Canon 5dmk3, tripod, remote shutter release
I think its easy to see what inspired me to take this shot. I had seen so many shots of this location before I went there, so I tried to find something a little different. Most shots from this angle are taken from up higher, so I went right dow to the water level, got even wetter and even colder but found an angle I loved.
Post processed in lightroom and photoshop.
In my camera bag
I try and keep my equipment to a minimum. Usually I have a 5dmk3, 70-200 f2.8 and a 24mm f1.4 plus a remote shutter release that I nearly always use. I have to admit though that I went a little crazy on gear for my trip to Iceland and had a Hasselblad with a phase one back plus a Cambo. Trouble was, because those cameras were sharing the one Phase One back, it meant I was swapping it over a lot and on the second day of my trip the sensor got really dirty. It wasn't until the second last day of my trip I got to a photo store where I could buy some better cleaning accessories because the ones I brought weren't doing the job and I didnt want to risk damaging the sensor.
The best advice is to just take photos, every day if possible then take even more photos. There is beauty all around us, no matter where you live. I gave up television about 5 years ago and now instead of sitting at home, I get outside with my pup and go shooting. It allows you to find new places somewhere you thought you knew every inch of. Take photos that you are proud of and happy with, don't look to other people's opinions to make you happy with your photos. If you love it, so will other people and if they don't, who cares. Me being happy with a photo I have taken is the best reward there is... Oh yeah and don't get caught up in the belief you need a huge amount of the very best equipment to take a great shot. The camera doesn't take a great photo, you do... Have fun always!!

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