carl_doghouse September 19, 2017
soooooo good
one7studios Jul 03
Thank you 🙏
MikeBoyle Jul 16
Congratulations on your amazing photo. Nice...very nice
SVPhotos Jul 16
Nice shot!

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Mar, 2016


My wife’s Camaro is something I will never get tired of shooting. The raw American Muscle of a 408 roaring down the street is something I have been wanting to capture for a while now. This car will be going through a transformation in the near future and I wanted to document it’s journey. Until then, roll the windows down, cruise the open roads and just enjoy life and take a break from all the craziness we all deal with day to day. I know for me there is nothing more stress free than that.

Model: 1967 Chevy Camaro | CANON 5D MII | Rokinon 14 mm | ƒ22 | 0.3 sec | ISO 100 | VSCO Kodak UltraMax 800 Vibrant | March 26th, 2016
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Won Runner Up in My Favorite Car Photo ContestJuly, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in My Favorite Car Photo ContestJuly, 2018

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Behind The Lens

Took this shot not to far from my home. There is a "secret spot" I know where there is a road that is less traveled which gave me the time to set this shot up.
This was shot at sunset as you can see the flare of the sun giving its last bit of light of the day.
I used all natural light, nothing too exciting.
I shot with my Canon 5D Mark II with a Rokinon 14mm lens. I also used a suction cup with a long pole attached and the camera rigged to it (that setup I had to borrow from a buddy of mine), and an introvelmeter.
I love my wife's car. Yes this is my wife's '67 Chevy Camaro. I love the roar of the 408, and wanted to do something different for myself and have some fun with action. Most things I shoot are still life (even portraits), but I love the feeling you get of racing down the street when you see this.
This is two shots that were merged together. I took one shot without the car moving to make sure it was in focus then another with it moving. Most edits were done in Lightroom and I applied a modified VSCO preset, I'd share which one but it was so long ago and for the life of me I cannot remember. Then I took it into photoshop to touch up any blemishes and merge the two shots together.
In my camera bag
I'm split now that I started shooting with Sony (been a canon user forever) so I carry more gear than I am used to. Currently I have my Sony A7II, Zeiss 55mm lens and Sigma 35mm Lens with the MC-11 adapter. I tend to also bring my Canon 5D Mark II body, Rokinon 14mm, Canon 24-70 2.8L, Canon 70-200 2.8L lenses. When the monsoon is upon us in AZ I also carry my Lightning Trigger LV4.
Bring a friend. One for safety, but two its just fun to have some company. For this shot I attached my camera to the rig described above. I set a timer since it is on a long pole when you push the shutter there is some wobble. Before the care moves take a nice still shot to make sure you got a nice crisp image with no blur. Then setup your introvelometer to take shots based of your shutter speed and some room if there is any buffer in the camera Then have someone in the car to steer, put the car in neutral then your other person can give the car a good push then let go. The long exposure will make the car look like it is going faster than it really is. Yeah this shot the car was about 1-5 mph.

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