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Grabbing the city

Cityscape's sunset shot through crystal ball

Cityscape's sunset shot through crystal ball
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praveenpremkumarpai March 28, 2016
Thats flawless ,amazing one
hendraxu PRO
hendraxu March 28, 2016
Thanks my friend ^_^
Rezaw November 16, 2018
hendraxu PRO
hendraxu November 27, 2018
Thanks ^_^
murrayhelm Apr 14
This would be a great photo for my crystal ball challenge

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken from the balcony of my 18th floor apartment unit in Makati city of Manila, Philippines and kind of first time test shot after I purchased the crystal ball.
Around 5PM-6PM. I remember I just got back from work and noticed beautiful orange hue color at sky due to sunset. I grab my crystal ball and hold it with one hand and other hand for the camera.
People said that sunrise and sunset light are the most beautiful light for taking photo. I was just beginner that time and I really eager to try it...well, I'm really satisfied with the result.
This shot was taken using my old and first digital camera fujifilm x-m1 with 10-24mm lens. No tripod, no flash whatsoever.
I saw some photos in other social media that are showing unique concept using crystal ball, but most of them using small one. I wanted to try it then I purchased my own.
I did flip the image vertically. Originally the image that passed through a crystal ball will be flipped 180° due to refraction. Aside from that I processed the photo through lightroom as my usual way of processing.
In my camera bag
Fujifilm X-M1 with kit lens right and 60mm macro right now. 10-24mm lens already sold because I need fund for other lens. Aside from that, my main camera is Sony A7II with batis 25mm, Zony 55mm and Sony 90mm macro.
The bigger the crystal ball is better. But bear in mind that bigger means heavier...holding big crystal ball with one hand is a nightmare. Concentrated light refraction light from the ball during bright sun will burn your hand, so be careful of it.

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