SteveKennedy17 March 22, 2016
What a brilliant picture
nikonkat March 23, 2016
incredible shot... Love it.
nornots March 25, 2016
Awesome shot
michaelstephens March 26, 2016
Truly a fantastic capture.
ReneeBlake April 01, 2016
Fantastic image !!!
JinxiGurl April 04, 2016
One of my all time favourite pics on viewbug! I love that one can also see your son's expression in the glass. Brilliant photo Congrats!
Hangingheart April 10, 2016
What a great shot! I am on my cell can't tell if my award to you went through...will check on my computer when I get a chance!
adavies April 22, 2016
Great capture! Nicely done! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Animal Antics challenge:)
evelynbrezina May 06, 2016
Thank heavens you had your camera prepared. What a fantastic shot! Can't stop looking at it. Shared it on FB for all my friends to see and they adore it aswell! Congratulations!!!!!
bendikstalheim May 14, 2016
Magnificent picture! Good job!
brandiulrichlogsdon May 17, 2016
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brandiulrichlogsdon May 17, 2016
This is magnificent. Such a well timed photo. The colors are so brilliant. I truly love this photo.
lukakwiatkowsky May 17, 2016
Wow ! Breath taking
vwhiteman May 17, 2016
woah amazing
pamwemhaner May 17, 2016
This is an awesome photo. The light on the little boy's ears speaks to his expression.
westlightart May 18, 2016
great picture
alistairhunt May 18, 2016
What a great shot!!!
AnnuO May 18, 2016
Congratulations! Amazing capture!
IanB May 18, 2016
Fantastic thrilling shot. I caught my breath when I first saw it.
adelecarne May 18, 2016
This is beautiful!!
Jasper13 May 18, 2016
such an awesome shot.
mstoltz1022 May 18, 2016
GoddessDigitalArt May 19, 2016
JDLifeshots May 21, 2016
Amazing capture! Congrats.
Svetlana_Sewell May 21, 2016
Stunning!!! Grabs you by the heart!!!
lulupac May 21, 2016
What an amazing picture!!! Congratulations on being a finalist.
louissmith July 11, 2016
This is amazingly good.
tanjajensen August 01, 2016
WOW! Love this!!
catherinethompson August 01, 2016
Outstanding. What an amazing capture.
FOYT14 August 01, 2016
uronmkwpn August 02, 2016
LOVE this
RILBriers August 16, 2016
wow, fantastic capture!
marioshadjineophytou September 13, 2016
John-Snowden September 17, 2016
Great Image
giannisjohnidiskritikos November 23, 2016
Just Amazing!!
Brian-miller November 25, 2016
beautiful shot
Catherine_Chapman January 11, 2017
garymintz February 04, 2017
Hello Bear
Simonschoo March 28, 2017
Absolutely love this picture!
billmoffitt March 29, 2017
Great on every level. Keep it up!
itssmee April 22, 2017
Awesome shot, love all the emotion captured :)
luisdavidcosta April 22, 2017
This should have won
Eddieuuu071 April 22, 2017
Amazing capture? Winner!
nirupammondal April 22, 2017
Woah, what a capture!
MaryAnne306 April 22, 2017
Fantastic capture! Congratulations on your awards!
seantaylor April 22, 2017
This is outstanding, well done!
dawnhynes April 23, 2017
Fantastic picture, love it
Pamelabole April 23, 2017
Amazing capture!!! Congrats on your contest award!!!!
: )
alexstrachan April 23, 2017
First of all, outstanding image. I voted for it. Second of all: This is why I have an issue w. photo contests. This is BY FAR the most striking image on this page. I know it's subjective, but still...
rachellmiller April 23, 2017
This is absolutely incredible. Probably my most favorite shot ever. Amazing lighting. The colors are perfect. I love his reflection. So cute!!!
Paulacook144 April 23, 2017
Wow what a wonderful image. Well seen and handled.
dankuokka April 23, 2017
One of a kind!!
GundiMG April 23, 2017
Stunning... I absolutely love this picture!!!
elliets April 25, 2017
What a Capture. Unbelievable Nice Job
HeatherMS April 26, 2017
Incredibly beautiful shot !
JacobShore April 28, 2017
misterscott April 29, 2017
Talk about a photo with impact! Love this shot.
sharonamey April 30, 2017
Wow. Brilliant shot
justinbrodt_1871 May 04, 2017
Awesome capture. Could see this being used for a Winter Coke commercial.
jstrengthphotography June 11, 2017
Amazing composition! Everything in this image works. In my openion, this is a million $ image.
calebgrosse July 09, 2017
I am honestly pretty critical of images. But I don't think I will ever forget this image. Truly one of the finest images on this site.
mtdoc July 30, 2017
Awesome capture!
Wildpawsphotography August 16, 2017
This is absolutely beautiful! Seeing this honestly took my breath away. Amazing shot and great work!
Chris777391 September 12, 2017
Insane shot!
strat68 September 19, 2017
Amazing shot!
coyearcher September 30, 2017
Love this...
Sbroec01 November 03, 2017
steventerblanche November 11, 2017
Never to be repeated shot! I am in AWE!! INCREDIBLE!
artbypamelagarcia November 12, 2017
wow, beautiful.
norioravecz December 06, 2017
This is amazing! Very iconic.
troughereyes Jan 10
maalden6471 Jan 26
This is amazing! I love it.
fabs Feb 13
Awesome shot!
Fotovida Mar 01
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Fotovida Mar 01
WOW,magic capture.
CaSun321 Mar 08
THIS is magnificent and I agree with another who commented about having an issue with the contests. Often the winners' photos are so edited and unnatural and with that is an unfair advantage in the award. Your capture is REAL and I think that is awardwinning REAL photography!! You have a MASTERPIECE here!!! The reflection of your son's precious sense of "wonder" ices the cake of the masterpiece!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!! : )
stevehikida Nov 01
Thank you so much for the thoughtful comments!
Niqueki Mar 09
incredible shot! beautiful
Naeril Mar 11
Awesome pict, and awesome message too... great job :)
Naeril Mar 11
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pixellimagery Mar 12
Incredible timing, Steve, WOW!!
pixellimagery Mar 12
ps. can just make out your son's face/expression in reflection on the glass ... I would be in total awe just like him, were I given the priviledge offered by the bear ... SUPERB shot, lucky or not :-) Ell
barbarabrock Mar 13
This is such a memorable image.....
ambermundy Mar 13
Great job..
Amazing x
Shutterbug08 Mar 13
I'm not sure what exactly but there is something about the composition of this photo that gives it a magical feeling. The lighting and everything about this is perfect. Great job!!!!
stevehikida Nov 01
To me it almost feels like a painting that was adapted for a fantasy novel cover. The bubbles, lighting and color all combine to make it seem otherworldly.
stunning capture, even more so that its done with an entry level DSLR !!
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
paulsmyth Mar 17
incredible capture in so many ways, congratulations
LCons Mar 25
jenhere Jul 17
Oh! My! Gosh!!! This is incredible!
Wow that is amazing
ebenphotos Aug 21
Brilliant capture! In my eyes, a true masterpiece.
Tasha7 Oct 08
Breathtaking photo!!! Truly Mesmerized!
Though i prefer un-eddited shots such as this. if you could draw out that reflection of the little boys expression in the glass oh so slightly a money maker you will have. i'd bet the zoo would kill for it .
stevehikida Nov 01
I thought the same thing but don't know enough about post processing techniques to pull the reflection out.

More from stevehikida

Mar, 2016

Zander and the Polar Bear

While alone watching the fish swim in the polar bear pool, the bear decided to take a swim, swam by, saw my son, and approached the window for a better look. If he hadn't asked me to photograph the fish, I would not have been prepared with the proper settings for this shot. Soon after, the area was crawling with people, so we were lucky in many ways.

Submitted to Photo Contests


Won Contest Finalist in Bears Photo ContestOctober, 2018
Won Runner Up in People And Animals Photo ContestMarch, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in People And Animals Photo ContestMarch, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Animals And Water Photo ContestNovember, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in Water Photo Contest 2017June, 2017
Won Runner Up in We Love Animals Photo ContestApril, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in We Love Animals Photo ContestMarch, 2017
Won Member Selection AwardDecember, 2016
Won FeaturedJune, 2016
Won Contest Finalist in Through The Window Photo ContestMay, 2016

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Outstanding Creativity
All Star
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Top 10 class week 1


Behind The Lens

This photograph was taken at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio back in February of 2016. We are zoo members and went for a quick visit that day.
This was taken in the late morning.
My four year old son asked my wife and I to visit the lower level of the polar bear pool to see the fish swimming around us. Since all the polar bears were sleeping above, the area was totally empty except for the three of us. While down there, a few of the rainbow trout were swimming close to the glass, so my son encouraged me to take some photos of the fish. Since I recently started shooting in manual mode, I adjusted the settings for the lighting and set the camera for a high ISO and took a few pictures. All of a sudden, there was a big splash and a polar bear swam by. As it was passing, it saw my son, turned and paused in front of him for several seconds, allowing me to take a few shots before turning away.
This was taken with a Nikon D3300 and the 18-55 kit lens.
It was totally serendipity. I was lucky to have the setting right and my son was in the perfect position to have his reflection shown in the glass. And of course, I couldn't have placed the polar bear any better.
The only post processing was some cropping and a slight adjustment to the exposure.
In my camera bag
Normally, I have the D3300, the 18-55mm and 70-200 mm lens, and a flash.
Always be ready for an unexpected opportunity. I know I've missed many awesome image captures because I didn't have my camera ready. Also, be patient. If at first you don't have a good shot, wait and a better composition may present itself.

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