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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my studio on top of a red screen, with my model lying on her back, and her hair fanned.
We took this image one Spring evening. We started the shoot outside on a night with fiery sunset to match her hair and outfit. Once we ran out of daylight, we moved into the studio for some more fun with lighting
I wanted to really show the details and textures in this image, to show all the work I had put into the costume and make -up, and how they contrast with her hair and background. I used 3 constant lights, coming from above, and either side, so that the image was bright and dreamy
I used my Sony a65 camera, with a 18-55 mm f3.5/5.6 lens and 3 Constant Studio lights. With the amount of lighting I used, tripod and flash were not necessary.
I have always gravitated toward more conceptual portrait photography. The first business I had was making hair pieces, so I use those very often in my shoots, and love the opportunity to combine my interest in designing head pieces with my photography. I would say that the corset the model was wearing and her fiery hair were my inspiration for the head piece and the shoot.
The only post processing I did was some dodging and burning around her face, chest, and hair. I also added in the texture on the background - the original image was on a plain red background.
In my camera bag
I typically carry around, besides my camera of course, a 18-65mm and a 55-300mm lens. If I am doing and outdoor shoot, I always be sure to carry my reflector. I also carry around a speedlight from time to time, if it's dark or shadowy outside, or I am trying to create a more dramatically lit photo in studio. I also just recently acquired a 50mm portrait lens, and it has quickly become my go-to lens.
I always say, have fun with lighting! I had less lights on my model when we first put her on the floor like this, and while it created more shadows and drama on her face, you missed out on a lot of details. Also, if doing conceptual photography, find some inspiration. I have owned this corset for years and saw the fabric of the hat in a craft store one day, and felt so inspired to create an ornate red and gold shoot out of the pieces I found. If you need inspiration, sometimes its fun to just look through your closet or art supplies until something comes to you, and just let your imagination take over.

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