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missekadew March 06, 2016
I love the vintage look of this picture! Great Job!
pietnel June 21, 2016
Love it fabulous shot
dougstidham PRO+
dougstidham January 24, 2021
Amazing Shot
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at my own studio, which is located in a little Slovakian town Trnava.
It was taken in afternoon and it took several hours to prepare the model for the shoot.
I used studio strobes, one beauty dish in front and as backlight I used two stripboxes.
I used my Canon 6d camera with 85 mm/1.8 lens.
I had an idea to shoot something "barby-doll" style. With pink dress and lollypop, also I was inspired by old fashion pin-up pictures from 50s-60s years of last century. Also I like Katty Perry video clip "california girls" - the idea of wrapped candy-girls. So I decided to create dress from paper. I had a white low fluffy under-stkirt and used pink tissue paper to make the pink dress, have created it on the model, just stiched paper together with transparent skotch. And we used blue fabric belt from another dress to hide the skotch.
Yes, I did many of post-processing. I shoot model on white non lightened background and on photo it looked light grey, so I changed background color. I used frequensy separation for making skin and hair smooth. Also I drow a bit and used stamp to add more painted look to the picture. Also I made a color correction to make image more bright, and changed color boots because we didn't find any pink boots so used light brown ones.
In my camera bag
I use Canon 6d with 85,50 and 35 mm lenses.
Don't be afraid to be creative and use cheep materials, you don't need hundred of dollars for fashion shoot. I had this idea in my head for some years and just one day I said to myself - I want finaly shoot this. So I find the model, make-up and hair stylist and brought the idea from my mind into reality.

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