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Freshmen 2016 Photo Contest Vol 2Top 10 class week 2


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greglinck June 18, 2016
Excilent creativety
erlphotography PRO
erlphotography August 01, 2016
Fongster December 09, 2017
I like it!
BenOPhoto January 23, 2018
Awesome creativity. Would be a cool album cover.
bobtoye Platinum
bobtoye October 31, 2018
marijanadamjanovic December 04, 2019
Great 👍🏻

Behind The Lens

I took this photo of my sister in my home in Ohio. I am a self-taught photographer who was working on projects for my AP Art Studio class.
This photo was one of my last installations of my Concentration Portfolio for my AP Art Studio class. Having not even started this project until it was due the next day, I remember rushing home from school around 3pm and getting to work right away, starting with taking basic portraits of my sister at different angles in order to give myself numerous options to play around with in photoshop, which eventually led to the final product that you are looking at now.
I wanted there to be a significant amount of contrast in this photo, which led me to playing around with the lighting to find the most dramatic effects, which ended up being a single strong light source from above. I've always enjoyed seeing how light affects how we see different features and angles appear on the human body depending on the angle and strength of the light, which led me to coming to the final product of this picture.
This was taken with a Nikon d5100 camera with a 18-55mm lens and a basic flashlight for lighting.
Seeing that I only first viewed this as an art project that I had complete under a tight time crunch, I was running low on inspiration in the early stages of its creation until I decided to just think in basic terms of aesthetics that I value most. This eventually led me to developing this piece to what you are looking at right now, which incorporates elements that inspire me most including lines, the sophisticated aesthetic of black and white, high contrast, and simple layouts and design.
Seeing that this is a digital art piece, I did a lot of post-processing and manipulations in Adobe Photoshop. I first converted the photo into black and white and increased the contrast to create a more dramatic effect and then manually erased the background until I was only left with the part of the face that I wanted to work with. Then I placed this onto a plain white background layer and manually drew in each line to create the final product.
In my camera bag
The first thing that I always pack is my Nikon 18-55mm lens as it serves as a staring point from which I see my subject and assess how I want to capture it. I always keep a basic flashlight on me as it can be very helpful in experimenting with light source placements in my photos. I also always pack an extra camera battery in order to avoid the unfortunate ramifications of running out of battery power. I also like to keep my Lomography La Sardina film camera on me in order to be prepared for a moment that I would ideally like to capture on film.
It's important to be able to find inspiration in the most basic things around you as it can give you the freedom to try new and different things and come up with something that you originally wouldn't expect from yourself. This kind of freedom has the ability to change the way you see the world around you on a larger scale and provides you with more learning opportunities than you could expect, which in a way can renew the exciting qualities and opportunities that photography has to offer.

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