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AmandaJayne February 06, 2016
lucascino February 07, 2016
rainy days in Paris are always beautiful ;)
nina050 February 07, 2016
Beautiful night capture!
nina050 February 07, 2016
And a beautiful tribute and remembrance to the people of France after their tragic events......
lucascino February 07, 2016
yeah every time I see it I get sad :( thank you nina!


Paris - France
Paris - France
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Behind The Lens

I was on Chaillot palace terrace, the tour Eiffell was looking really great in this particular moment due to the "Parisienne mood" and a bit of magic lighting..
I could just see the city lights diffused on the lower clouds instead of a real sunset, but definitely a really nice place and hour to be there!
Dim and diffused light and some nice reflections on the wet floor of the terrace did the most..sparkling lights on the tower did the rest! I was just there to look at the show.
I was with my Canon 550D with a 18-55mm, not that pro but it did the work!
when you come up from the tube station you somehow discover slowly the tower arising from the terrace, the rain the clouds and the light where just perfect and when I found the couple under the umbrella I could not resist any more and took a shot..just as wonderful as was the scene!
just some noise reduction but nothing else.
In my camera bag
I live with my camera, cannot go out without it even for a short walk out.. is part of my traveling duties!
Take everywhere you camera, usually the best shot hides in most common of the scenes.. moreover this will provide a nice challenge to your travels, just try to avoid touristic shots, these really don't work in the emotion transfer from the subject to the observer because they are overwhelmingly flooding the internet already!

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