GigiJim08 January 21, 2016
Very yummy!
GMPhoto2k January 22, 2016
Mid way through my night shift and i am now hungry.
BrandonThomasPhotography January 24, 2016
tiffanyalbertbrown February 01, 2016
sigridbh October 18, 2016
I want a bite, that is the result of your photo!
davidparkhurst October 21, 2016
So so good
susannebrezina October 24, 2016
Awesome photo! I have a challenge running for delicious desserts. You might want to join?
adavies September 20, 2017
Yummmmm! That looks so good! Lovely presentation and capture! Nicely done! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Just Desserts challenge:)

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Behind The Lens

This picture was taken in my kitchen. I have an extensive collection of dishes and cooking stuff. The dessert is actually one of my families favorite desserts so I knew what I was going to be starting with before I set the scene. I think that definitely helped with the final results. I didn't need to fuss a lot with the dessert, just my camera.
I shot this photo late in the afternoon. The sunlight that comes in through the window is softer at this time of day. I wanted the depth of field to be there but especially darker with some shadows. I was hoping that the white in the whipped topping would pop.
I shoot a little on the underexposed side. The colors in the dish and the dessert worked well for me. The lighting that did bounce from the window was just enough to give the berries some depth and appeal.
I used the first DSL camera that I bought, it was a Nikon 3100. I did some research and I liked the feel of one in my hands. I used the kit lens that came with it. I think it was the 55 - 200 lens. At that time I had a cheesy tripod!! I didn't use anything else.
I was finishing up a degree in Culinary Arts. I took a photography class for one of my art classes, and fell in love with photography. I enrolled in Graphic Communications and took my second college course in photography. This was a class assignment. I loved that I could tie both passions together, culinary and photography. I had been online looking at successful photographers and their styles and have a few that I really admire.
I did very little post processing. I hadn't learned enough about the Adobe products yet. I used the Nikon software that came with my camera. I am sure I played with the contrast a little.
In my camera bag
Extra batteries, disk, lens cleaner, a couple of lens options. I have my little card for trouble shooting light scenarios when you just can't get it. I try to travel light. I have upgraded my tripod and mount. I carry a rain protector.
Choose a product or food that doesn't require a lot of prep and is easy to hold. By hold I mean it won't lose its "fresh" look quickly. This gives you time to really play with the DOF, the lighting, exposure etc. Research, find some shots you like of similar foods. Don't rush, I find if I am deliberately paced, I do a much better job and I do it in less time.

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