guillermoturnerstephens January 06, 2016
Great idea very well done
LindaMeets March 16, 2016
Great shot :)
pietnel March 18, 2016
stunning shot
cazaresmedia March 18, 2016
Thank you for the positive feedback. I will admit - the most helpful piece of equipment that day was the air compressor to clean up the dancer. :-)
karlneuman September 04, 2016
great shot , to get that kind of eye connection to camera while jumping and chucking stuff in the air .. great work :)
ovosphotography September 08, 2016
like it!

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Jan, 2016


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Behind The Lens

This shoot was taken on a stage that I have access too. With flour going everywhere I knew I needed complete control of light and wind.
This shoot was a long time in the making. I had been approached by a dancer who wanted to do something 'fun' and different. I had seen flour shoots before and have always wanted to try one myself. Both of our schedules finally lined and we connected! The shoot lasted a few hours. She was a great sport about taking directions and making slight adjustments to make the photos come to life.
This is a 2 light setup. I key (studio strobe) and one speedlight acting as a hair light and to back light the flour. I had the hair light about 45 degress to the right of the dancer.
My main body is a Canon 7D. This was taken with wide angle lens.
I've always been a fan of dance and the performing arts. I've seen dance shoots using water or flour.
This was processed in Lightroom. I sent it over to photoshop only to remove a floorboard that you could see behind the dancer. In lightroom I brought up the contrast and details and brought down the blacks.
In my camera bag
Main body - Canon 7D Lens 17-40 L-series 4.0 70-200 2.8 50mm 1.2 2 speedlites
I spend a lot of time planning and doing my homework before the shoot. Once I'm with the dancer (or model) I like to show examples of what I am trying to do. Its a total team effort. She was able to bring ideas as to movement that I would not have known about. It's a collaboration and I love the process.

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