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nina050 October 16, 2015
What a gorgeous creature...and he's 100 times healthier than the paints Mark and I saw on the Navajo reservation last March!
BrendaCrawford November 10, 2016
Thank you so much.
DorisSeybold October 16, 2015
beautiful portrait!!
BrendaCrawford November 10, 2016
Thank you so much.
trainwoman October 17, 2015
What a beautiful horse Brenda........the look of love in his soulful eyes....Wonderful
BrendaCrawford November 10, 2016
Thank you so much.
Pauljeno October 22, 2015
A beautiful looking horse Brenda which must thoroughly enjoy life in such a wonderful region of the USA. Paul.
carolynrhodesstuart September 04, 2016
BrendaCrawford November 10, 2016
Thank you so much.

Patch, My Paint Horse





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on our family farm in the wilds of the foothills in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri.
This was taken mid morning, as he was waiting for his "treat", an apple biscuit.
I took this free handed in natural lighting.
I use a Fuji sx 1 bridge camera. No special or added lens's.
I love these horses. They are part of my family. They are more like pets and friends. They are just powerful, noble and magnificent creatures. Yet, they are so gentle with me and I have a unique and respectful relationship with them.
I think I just mostly cropped the image some. I usually leave the camera set on automatic for most shots.
In my camera bag
I don't have a lot of equipment in my bad since I don't use extra lenses. I have an extra battery. Lens cleaners. And a few survival items like water, knife, compos etc. since a lot of the time I am far out into wilderness areas.
I think you just need to keep your camera with you all the time since the images happen when you are most like ly not expecting them but when they naturally occur. There is no way to predict when the Great Creator and or nature will expose something beautiful. Just be ready. There is no way to plan when great image will appear.

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