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NanaSue54 October 14, 2015
Just gorgeous!!!! :)
Wizzard October 16, 2015
Fabulous capture,Gracie! Great to see them in their natural habitat!
DorisSeybold October 17, 2015
I like the focus on the animals - marvelous capture and a very good edit!!!
Capture-Life October 17, 2015
I know huh!? Deleting pictures from our own gallery, shouldn't take away our awards we've earned. LOL. unfair world! :):)

you know i loooove this..and you got the colors perfectly in this!! :):):) ❤
mountainman70 October 18, 2015
the bokeh and the sharp foreground adds depth and interest - well done
pegleg October 18, 2015
beautiful shot i love it
malread October 19, 2015
Stunning wild life image, well taken.
Kazza60 October 21, 2015
love it Gracie .. your cats are so beautifully captured
GigiJim08 October 22, 2015
The second lion draws attention to the viewer because right there you captured him/her looking at the lens!
estercastillo08 October 27, 2015
Beautiful capture 1
Elyzabeth October 28, 2015
The colors of the lions and their environment are so brilliant Gracie love. This is pure stardom!
rmr731 October 28, 2015
Fantastic capture! Love this!
lizziemellis October 28, 2015
Awesome shot Gracie, love all your lion pics, great detail in their expressions:-)
onyanita October 30, 2015
great tones and textures in this one. Lovely light.
UnkleFrank November 02, 2015
Cool capture. It looks like they are in stealth mode.
JulesB November 03, 2015
Brilliant shot Gracie. Don't matter if you posted before and want to post again.....I'll like it each and every time. There are many things you like every time you see them (*_*)
Flosno November 06, 2015
Glad it's not you they have their eyes on
gondmagdi November 11, 2015
All your pictures from Botswana awesome and give me an inspiration to go there.
UnkleFrank November 17, 2015
Voted Come to Me....
estercastillo08 November 17, 2015
Voted Come To Me
kathymuhle November 19, 2015
Beautifully captured and the text makes it come alive - voted
Elyzabeth November 22, 2015
Voted Come To Me cheeky monkey!
UnkleFrank November 09, 2016
A no brainer vote for Animals & the Rule of 3rds.
estercastillo08 November 12, 2016
Voted Animal and Rule of Thirds
Elyzabeth November 22, 2016
Voted Animals and Rules of Thirds :)

Lion Cubs Approach Their Daddy, Kalahari Reserve, Botswana

These are black maned lion cubs of the Kalahari in Botswana. We came upon a pride of 10, the male, 5 cubs, and 4 females. They had killed a gnu the night before...
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These are black maned lion cubs of the Kalahari in Botswana. We came upon a pride of 10, the male, 5 cubs, and 4 females. They had killed a gnu the night before and were headed in to find shade for a rest. The male had already gone ahead to scout the territory and had just called a couple of the cubs to come to him. These two were on their way. The next picture shows their interaction with their father.

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