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PINKY123 August 28, 2015
Lovely bw shot...can I say it has real. 60s look... Nice...!!!
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb August 30, 2015
ManuelWieler August 30, 2015
Thanks a lot!
derektherev Premium
derektherev September 14, 2015
lovely photograph - could I suggest an improvement - clone out the light and the streak of light to the left of the image - to my mind it would make a greater impact for an already excellent image
ManuelWieler September 14, 2015
Thank you very much for your critique. I also thought about that, but somehow I liked the look of an artificial lighting, although it was all natural light. But you're right, I will try it if I find the time

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in an old iron factory, which is now part of a park called "Landschaftspark" (engl.: landscape park) in the German city Duisburg
It was at the late afternoon.
The sky was fully clouded, so the lighting actually was quite soft outside. Due to the wall where every second brick was missing, the light came quite strong and on spot on the model, but due to the softness still spread enough to give light to the whole body. The light you see on the left is not a flash, but also natural light that came into the building, as it was mainly open and the side where you see the light on the left actually does not have a wall.
I used my Lumix DMC-G6 Micro-Four-Thirds Camera with the Lumix G 42,5mm (=85mm Fullframe) at f1.7.
We have made a shooting all around this location and when we entered the building I immediately noticed this wall with this interesting light. We tried some different angles and positions and ended up with this as result
Post-Processing was not so much for this photo. Adjustments for lights, shadows, black and whites and of course the conversion to black and white, which goes along with the bw adjustments for the different color channels.
In my camera bag
I am always carrying a lot with me. Luckily, Micro-Four-Thirds has a very low weight, so it is no problem to carry my G6, the 14-140mm f3.5-5.6, the 7.5mm Fisheye, the 42.5mm f1.7, filters and a tripod with me all the time.
Just keep your eyes open. Try anything that could be interesting. If it's not, you maybe can do it better next time or just do not try it again. As long as you are not using film, you have literally nothing to loose.

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