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santafake June 03, 2015
Wow. Amazing
lucparent June 30, 2015
michaelakrempelhoward July 20, 2015
What an amazing photo and timing. One of a 'being there at the right time'.
ryansnodgrass July 20, 2015
Please tell me this is a tame owl and not negative 28 before I become more jealous. My Friend loves talking photos in these conditions... not easy.
William_Doyle July 20, 2015
Today's episode was brought to you by the letter "V". LoL
Great shot man.
pikkiewolmarans July 20, 2015
Breathtakingly beautiful!
BLAKSTEEL July 21, 2015
This is truly Awesome!
lucparent August 05, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
lucparent August 05, 2015
Thank you all
texaaronpueschel August 30, 2015
This one gets it! It is unique. The background enhances the subject. The V shape of the wingspan is eye catching. Very good work.
Grassquit May 21, 2016
Wow ... wow just incredible! One of the most enjoyable wildlife images ive seen in a while
howie516 May 27, 2016
WOW is the word! Absolutely beautiful!
Kitsea June 03, 2016
Hell of a capture.. and the bokeh makes it an ace. Well done!
Kitsea June 28, 2016
Congrats on the finalist. This shot is surreal - love it!
Workshopphotos June 29, 2016
Amazing. You are very talented.
TerrySimpson June 29, 2016
so awesome. Congrats!!
ShifraG June 29, 2016
Awesome picture! Congratulations!
geoffclark July 02, 2016
nice work
catherinethompson July 06, 2016
This is an amazing capture. Just beautiful and such great timing. Congratulations.
LabyrinthLover July 10, 2016
Reminds me of the Labyrinth Movie. You'd have my vote on anything!
Redhorse89 July 11, 2016
ddunnum August 20, 2016
Amazing, beautiful shot!!
jpele October 09, 2016
Beautiful high key image!
Harleyfan January 09, 2017
Absolutely stunning!
Alwolfe January 03, 2018
Absolutely amazing!
Rainbowlips4 October 26, 2018
Amazing shot
keepclicking October 26, 2018
Fantastic pic
Hmbennet November 14, 2018
Gorgeous photo!
lucparent November 15, 2018
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Male snowy owl at -28 in the snow storm!
Male snowy owl at -28 in the snow storm!
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Behind The Lens

Close to my home in Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada
I wake up early in the morning and look outside, It was one of these real winter day. -28 C and the wind was piking up fresh snow from the ground. Stormy condition!
The sun was shinning, but the wind and the snow were creating a foggy condition. Did not like it at first. but after a few shot WOW!
I used my bird equipments, Canon 7D mark II and my Cannon 500 mm lens on a tripod.
Every winter i do a lot of exploring in the farm lands. I created a routine schedule to visit the snowy owls. But this particular morning, because of bad weater condition, i decided to stay at the male snowy owl area. when i sit in the middle of the field long enough, he will come to see me and fly by and than leave. I waited about a hour, i was about to leave....surprise he was on the snow bank by the road. Couples of minute later he toke off and landed close to me. the wind was to strong he could only fly show distance. GREAT!!!
I had to retouche the eyes because of the foggy condition!
In my camera bag
Two camera Canon 7D and a 5D, two Canon lens 500mm, 100/400 mm.
Lot of exploring and patience. i spent more time trying to find the owls than photographing

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