Exploring the moon a bit closer. October 8, 2013. Photo taken with iPhone, 8" dobsonian, 25mm eyepiece, 2 x Barlow and moon filter. This is one of my older phot...
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Exploring the moon a bit closer. October 8, 2013. Photo taken with iPhone, 8" dobsonian, 25mm eyepiece, 2 x Barlow and moon filter. This is one of my older photos, I'm including it in this collection because of the way the light strikes it
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bronxie PRO+
bronxie December 16, 2013
Good looking shot.
Aanestad-Bakke December 16, 2013
Cool capture! Very nice work!
PinkKid December 17, 2013
Dude I love the moon and taking photos of it so these pics you have are totally awesome,I don't think n.a.s.a have really been this close to the moon, outstanding bro.
Joey_Howard December 17, 2013
Lol this one was a play on the light from the just setting sun. The sky was just getting dark, so when the moon came into view on the edge of the eyepiece I snapped the shot. The darkness from the eyepiece with the dwindling light in the sky gives the look of a light shining from the direction of the sun. It did add a bit of lighting composition to the shot that you don't typically get on moon shots. Hard shot to pull off but the effects are amazing. I believe the moon was about 30 deg behind the setting sun that night
DavidFreire December 21, 2013
amazing work with an iphone
Jolymanon December 21, 2013
LoriAlbers December 22, 2013
I love it.
lindywalker December 24, 2013
Duka_MPolaro December 24, 2013
Amazing what you can do with a phone camera today. Beautiful catch...
Israel2013 December 26, 2013
Great capture for an iPhone, I'll have to try it out with mine
Barnie December 27, 2013
Great shot
DonOmar PRO+
DonOmar January 01, 2014
Really nice.
AndreaE January 04, 2014
Amazing lighting and so well shot!
Elyzabeth January 05, 2014
My goodness....that is incredbile!
Hawksview January 11, 2014
I love these shots, what Telescope/Camera combination do you use? I an interested to start Astro Photography, but have NO idea where to begin
StuXD1 January 21, 2014
Jealous lol.. This is awesome!! :)
Snappin-shots January 27, 2014
very nice!!
ArtbyDae February 10, 2014
thats crazy
glow February 25, 2014
Astounding. Voted!

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Behind The Lens

In my front yard.
About 30 minutes after the sun went down
Lol... Used natural sun light, reflected off the moon. The sun was just below the horizon, and hitting the moon with that special light you get when its that time of night.
Camera was Nikon D3200 if I remember correctly. Lens was an Orion dobsonian 8" telescope. Had a light zero density filter and a yellow planetary filter.
I was experimenting with filters, my favorite is a blue for the moon, but used a yellow to see how it turned out.
No not really, just adjusted slightly on contrast with the Nikon software
In my camera bag
D3200, 50mm lens, sigma 70-300 lens, and the 18-55 stock lens that came with the D3200. An assortment of filters, tripod and shutter release button. Oh and my iPhone ... I usually take a few pics with my phone to start out to get a feel for the environment.
The best photos of the moon, if you want detail are when its not full and catching the light face on. It's like taking a portrait, if the light is straight on front of face, it will be flat, dulling the features. When its waxing or waning, the light hits at an angle and you get the wonderful highlights and shadows caused by the mountains, valleys and craters. A telescope is a must too to get the close details of a shot like this. So glad you enjoyed the photo, and thanks for the opportunity to be part of ViewBug community

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