Above the Sea of Serenity

This is the second of my explore the moon photos. Here I am looking at craters directly above the Sea of Serenity. The two craters in the center of the photo a...
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This is the second of my explore the moon photos. Here I am looking at craters directly above the Sea of Serenity. The two craters in the center of the photo are topmost Aristoteles and Eudoxus. Montes Caucasus are the mountains below them with crater Calippus cradled inside. Crater Cassini to the left has two craters inside of it. Below Cassini the two dominant craters are Aristillus and Autolycus.
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Batesrc2 PRO+
Batesrc2 December 06, 2013
Very cool Thanks for adding this.
BonOlgirl December 06, 2013
NICE! How did you shoot it?
Joey_Howard December 06, 2013
I used a telescope with 17mm eyepiece stacked with a moon filter and a blue planetary filter and my phone for camera
Morphine December 08, 2013
Fantastic shot! And informative too:)
ilmar December 09, 2013
Great capture. Thank you for the explanation as well.
meshersmith December 10, 2013
Fantastic shot and data!
TessDriskill December 11, 2013
Great shot, love the description.
daphnepebbles December 26, 2013
Holy ☆☆☆ ☆☆ what kind of phone do u have? This is a beautiful picture. I thought you were using some super high tech camera. I want that 42 mp camera phone.
Hughey51 December 31, 2013
you can almost touch it...
Behind-the-Fire-Scene PRO+
Behind-the-Fire-Scene January 19, 2014
Fabulous shots :-)
texaaronpueschel PRO+
texaaronpueschel January 29, 2014
OH, wow!
stevedc February 03, 2014
great shot
GordonD March 17, 2014
Another beauty Joey !!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my front yard in Dubach, Louisiana.
It was a clear night in October of 2013.
There is actually a lot to say about the lighting when it comes to detailed photos of the moon. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that a full moon will have much less detail in the highlights and shadows because the sun is shining straight on the surface. If you photograph the moon, through a telescope, as I have in this photo, the shadows from the mountain ranges and in the craters will be much more pronounced when the moon is in quarter to three quarter phase. Just think of it like taking a photo of a persons face, you will want a certain bit of side light to bring out the details and subtle shadows.
The equipment I used to capture this image of the moon may surprise some people when they see the detail in the photo, but it's a "low tech" type of approach. The "camera" for this photograph was an iPhone 5. My "lens" was an Orion 8" Dobsonian telescope. I can't remember if it was a 10mm or a 25mm eyepiece that I used. I also fashioned a mount for my phone from a piece of thin board, a hose clamp, and some rubber bands.
What inspired me to take this photo... Wow!! NASA, Gemini, the Apolo missions, the astronauts, Sputnik. You see the moon in photos, but when you truely see the moon with your own eye through a telescope you will want to photograph it too. It is one of the most amazing objects to explore through a telescope.
The only post processing to this photo is a bit of cropping.
In my camera bag
The telescope is definitely not something I normally carry in my bag. My typical camera bag is my d3200 Nikon camera, 50mm f/1.8 lens, 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens, tripod, and three batteries, and always my iPhone
For close up photos of the moon, the best advice I have is: 1 shoot the moon around half phase 2 make sure your telescope has a sturdy mount 3. Purchase or build a mount to hold your camera or phone 4. Use a remote trigger device (for iPhone you can use your earbuds) 5. And last get you equipment outside to acclimate at least 20 minutes before shooting Good luck, and clear skies Robert J. Howard

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