Brunette Tween on the Beach

Brunette Tween on the Beach
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SherryAnnCloud55 March 30, 2015
What a beautiful portrait of a beautiful young lady.
victorruiz May 08, 2015
Bernard3616 May 10, 2015
paigephotography November 02, 2015
beautiful composition and colouring. Love the soft look that the photo gives.
jonesaiko December 07, 2015
jonesaiko December 07, 2015
Bluestarpaul PRO+
Bluestarpaul December 19, 2015
One word sums this up, "Beautiful" well done.
kahindephotography December 22, 2015
very nice, I love composition, your client looks at ease and very natural. Well done
nagysandor December 26, 2015
Nice composition, very successful photo and a nice young lady. Well done !
mohanindu January 03, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
julianlynchphotographer January 04, 2016
That is a stunning portrait. Congratulations.
petermoore_4527 January 12, 2016
Beautiful portrait. Clean and simple but so effective.
candidqueen January 14, 2016
Love this, she looks like an ingenue, ethereal.
laurenkaymyers Premium
laurenkaymyers April 22, 2016
Soft and Beautiful. I love this.

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken just at the edge of the beach in a parking lot. It was freezing cold and the girl got in and out of the car in 5 minute increments. We left the car running so they could jump in and get warm again! Goes to show you can take an image anywhere anytime!
This image was taken in the late afternoon just about when the sun was setting. It was about 10 degrees out. These girls were real troopers, you would never know how cold it was by looking at her face. I love the way you can see right into her soul
I wanted to try and bring out the soft warm light during an otherwise grey time of year. I wanted until the end of the day to maximize the potential for that. You can see that there is still a lot of grey but the wide open lens ads a softness to that to almost blend the colors a little
This image was taken with a Nikon D700 and a 200mm f/2 lens. No flash and no tripod
I was inspired to take this photo as part of a set with two best friends. I loved the idea of photographing two older girls and stepping away from the portraits of small children I usually shoot to show a different side of my work.
Usually all of my images have a significant amount of post processing. Most is clean up. Brightening and sharpening eyes, smoothing skin, some shadowing, playing with tones to warm up images.
In my camera bag
I am what you call an equipment junkie. I overpack every time. I never want to be left without the right lens or run into a camera problem. Probably a hold over from when I used to shoot weddings. I always carry 2 cameras; Nikon D700 and Nikon D810. My two favorite lenses are my 200mm f.2 and my 85mm f1.8. I am also usually never without my 35mm 1.4 and my 50mm 1.4. On any given day you will also find a couple zoom lenses, a macro lens, I have a tilt shift lens and two speedlights. The list goes on! Like I said I love my gear!
The beach can be pretty raw and cold after the middle of October. The tones also get really grey in New England that time of year. Wait until the hour before sunset for sure. I try to do that with all my images but for sure, in the winter, it is a must! Keep your lens wide open. This was shot at 2.8. Use a longer lens for a flat, soft bokeh and make sure to focus on the eyes or else you will miss your focal plan with a prime this long. Definitely don't forget your fingerless gloves! Bundle up!

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