Young Girl in the woods

Young Girl in the woods

Young Girl in the woods
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Behind The Lens

This image was taken in Myles Standish State Forest located in Plymouth MA. I am a self taught photographer. This year I have decided to follow my passion of doing stylized creative shoots in between my contracted work. This is an example of one of my creative endeavors. She loved the blue dress, it made her feel like Elsa.
This was shot in the evening close to sunset. I was rushing to meet her right after my husband got home from work. We had a lot of fun playing with props and being in the woods while the light was peeking through the trees.
I love shooting later in the day in a mostly shaded area with pops of light coming through the trees. It really ads some magic to the images. This is one of my favorite places for that reason.
For this image I used a Nikon D700 with a 200mm/f2 lens. It was hand held..no tripod. By the end my arm felt like it was going to fall off. I think the 200mm lens weighs more than the girl I was photographing!
I have been looking at a great deal of fine art paintings of children for inspiration. I like the reflective look of the subjects in these images. I wanted to capture something similar in a contemporary way
In most of my images I do a significant amount of post processing while trying to keep my images looking realistic. I increased the gold tones here. I added a little more of a radiant light source to the side. I airbrushed her skin slightly, I defined her features a tad with a high pass filter brush that I created for myself as well as adding a vignette to draw her out a little more
In my camera bag
A list of everything I carry would be extensive. I pretty much pack everything I own and lug it with me. I really only need to carry my cameras Nikon D700 and now my brand new Nikon D810. My two favorite lenses are my 200/f2 and my 85/1.4 although I do love my 50/1.4 as well.
The most important things that have contributed to producing superior images have definitely been the following two things: 1. Photographing the hour to hour and a half before sunset. 2. Attention to detail. If you start with a good image you can make it great but if you start with a bad one it will never be what you want it to be no matter how much photoshop you know!

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