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Birds at my feeder

Arkansas Birds

Arkansas Birds
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p_eileenbaltz Platinum
p_eileenbaltz April 05, 2015
Extraordinary image!!! I'm from Arkansas, too. I have so many beautiful birds at the feeders now.......just don't have your skill at capturing them.:)
DebbieKMiller81 PRO+
DebbieKMiller81 April 18, 2015
What a gorgeous sight. I guess you were there at the right time. Well done.
potterpals PRO
potterpals April 21, 2015
Amazing capture!
clownsonvelvet PRO
clownsonvelvet May 12, 2015
I have shared this with my birding friends! Genius idea and execution! Beautiful results.
jeanpierrevacherot May 16, 2015
Great work
Got2CaptureTheMoment June 01, 2015
Again, another awesome shot. I love how you were able to get all of the birds in action in focus. What a great capture.
senaka08 January 27, 2016
capture of a million dollars!
hal-e July 01, 2016
Nice technique
shoots4fun Platinum
shoots4fun February 15, 2017
Clint, these are all photoshoped into one image right? I didnt think these different breeds of birds would all try to land on a single post.
shoots4fun Platinum
shoots4fun February 15, 2017
They are all great birds in flight for sure.
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karinmcfarlane PRO+
karinmcfarlane April 16, 2017
Awesome photo!!!
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