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A Small Sparrow, And Mr. Cardinal

Arkansas Birds

Arkansas Birds
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onyanita Premium
onyanita March 19, 2015
tinadegroatjones March 25, 2015
Wow!! Excellent capture!!!!
Mugs PRO+
Mugs April 12, 2015
Clint outstanding work my friend! Love a copy of this one and another have some wall space. Just beautiful!!!!
Salmalakhani April 13, 2015
Right Moment, Right Time and Perfect captivity!
hsuen-li April 15, 2015
Outstanding capture! Beautiful.
Daisy00 Premium
Daisy00 April 18, 2015
vbFMILLINES229181 April 18, 2015
Thank you ClintJohnsonPhoto great capture.
ovosphotography April 22, 2015
well done!
Karine April 29, 2015
Fantastic capture. you have a great collection of birds!
crawfras PRO+
crawfras April 30, 2015
Outstanding capture!
elainelvis June 08, 2015
Awesome !
JoseFSandoval PRO+
JoseFSandoval October 10, 2015
A beautiful capture..
carolcardillo PRO
carolcardillo November 08, 2015
Wow, perfect timing! Great capture, Clint!
ClintJohnsonPhotos Premium
ClintJohnsonPhotos March 11, 2016
Thank you everyone! God Bless You!
Treecy Premium
Treecy February 15, 2017
Oh gosh, your bird photos are absolutely unbelievable. Totally inspiring!!
ClintJohnsonPhotos Premium
ClintJohnsonPhotos February 27, 2017
Thank you!
WilmaWolf Premium
WilmaWolf July 14, 2017
No idea how you did this but this is so awesome! What a great photo!
ahmedfouadibraheem September 28, 2017

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken near my home, in a small private bird sanctuary.
The time of day was late afternoon.
The subject was illuminated with strong defused sunlight from the rear, and adequate reflected frontal lighting.
I made this photo with a Canon Digital xt, with a 75-300 mm zoom lens, mounted on a tripod.
I am passionate about capturing God's Beautiful Handiwork!
The background was a bit washed out, and required some post-processing. I used Photo-studio a professional photo editing program to replace the background.
In my camera bag
I almost always carry a 75-300 mm zoom lens, a 28-80, and a macro. My bag also contains Cokin graduated neutral density filters, a polarizing filter, speedlite flash unit, and remote shutter release cables.
To capture this type of photo I recommend creating a small private sanctuary in an area where your talent feels safe and secure, away from predators with a continuous supply of food and water. When your talent is happy, good photos can happen. I mounted my camera on a tripod about 8’ ft. from my subject with an aperture setting of 7.1 this provided the depth of field I needed. The focus was set to manual. The ISO was set to 800 and the shutter speed was about 1/2000. I employed a long shutter release cable to provide some distance between me, and my subject. The shutter release cable was 27’ ft. in length.

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