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kellycoventry June 24, 2015
Congratulations, gorgeous!
hotfoot June 24, 2015
Thank you so much Kelly, very kind of you

Sitting Pretty

A beautiful Cedar Waxwing sitting in my berry bush.
A beautiful Cedar Waxwing sitting in my berry bush.
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Behind The Lens

Cedar Waxwings are visitors to South Carolina in the winter. However, they are a rare sight for me to see in my own back yard. That is untill this year when a group of 100 or more arrived and stayed for 3 days enjoying the wild berries growing around my yard.
This photo was taken early morning when I knew the lighting would be perfect for my photos. Knowing that the Waxwings would be out early enjoying my berry bushes, I made the effort to get up early enough to shoot them in the best light.
Shooting in early morning light and late in the evening is a must, if you strive to capture the details in your subject. There is nothing worse than taking a shot of a beautiful white swan in the middle of the day and finding your photo was ruined because the harsh light removed any trace of details in the feathers.
My equipment for this shot was a Nikon d3100, and a 70-300mm lens.
My inspiration for this shot was the pure beauty of these gorgeous WaxWings.
I felt this shot could speak for itself, so I did no post processing to it, except a little sharpening. You don't always have to do heavy editing to a photo. Getting it right in the camera can save you alot of time.
In my camera bag
I always carry my 35mm, 50mm, 70-300mm and a wide angle with me. You never know what wonderful subjects mother nature will throw your way. One should always be prepared in the world of photography. Amazing photo opportunitys are every where if you just look.
My advice to anyone wishing to capture the beauty of a bird or any subject is: Know your camera first, practice,practice, practice. Shoot early morning or late in the evening. Know your subject, if it is a landscape that changes thru the day visit the location at different times to see how it changes or an animal that displays different types of behavior. It is best to be prepared. But most of all Have fun!

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