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sastimos October 30, 2013
vale_en October 30, 2013
thank you Clive!
eleazarparedes October 30, 2013
Flosno October 30, 2013
My Goodness....hope the ships see this lighthouse!! wonderful capture
photosue50 October 30, 2013
Awesome shot
vale_en October 30, 2013
thanks to all for the comments!
onyanita October 30, 2013
wicked waves! Its a wonder the lighthouse is still standing.
puckons October 30, 2013
luvmtnlife October 30, 2013
Phenomenal Shot! WOW!!
CHWagner October 31, 2013
wow...that is mindblowing
drighlynne November 20, 2013
Fantastic shot, where was it?
Janjoeng November 22, 2013
Wonderful capture!
Good composition. Beautiful light.
You catpured the rage extremely well!
Jackie_Q December 02, 2013
carolcardillo December 19, 2013
Fantastic! Congrats on being a Finalist!
leighjg December 19, 2013
blimey !!! congrats on becoming a Finalist
SteveFlint December 19, 2013
nice image!
togmarius December 19, 2013
Stunning ! Weil captured
SHerrero December 19, 2013
oh my God! Is fantastic!
davidnorris December 19, 2013
Just an Amazing Photo
Rl1956 December 19, 2013
Holy Sh**, one of the best I have seen, Kudos
HelenRea December 19, 2013
Congratulations...well deserved Vale! : )))
cathymohney December 19, 2013
Super capture! Congratulations!
Capture-Life December 19, 2013
WOW !! :):)
cmatwishynphotodotcom December 19, 2013
This is a simply stunning shot
sweetpea72 December 19, 2013
Absolutely speechless...Congrats! (:
katrinarobinson December 20, 2013
Absolutely amazing! Congratulations :)
Bannekh December 20, 2013
Great shot
EWLphotography December 20, 2013
great capture and photo timing!
GeraldineLefoe December 20, 2013
A superb capture, congratulations on reaching the finals
andrei_duman December 20, 2013
Great shot
rrmf1959 December 21, 2013
Parabéns! o Porto é sempre um grande tema. A foto é genial!
NaturallyMitchRothman December 21, 2013
Simply awesome!
lindywalker December 21, 2013
smshaffer December 21, 2013
Cla6Ssy0 December 21, 2013
Breath taking! What an awesome shot!!
Linque December 21, 2013
An absolutely sensational capture, excellent :)
Catie December 21, 2013
talk about once in a lifetime!!!!!
photosbychristopher1 December 22, 2013
where was this taken? Nice job
Aanestad-Bakke December 22, 2013
Stunning capture! Well done!
Jewel December 22, 2013
Awesome photo, great capture!
Kcole11 December 22, 2013
This is beautiful has well has powerful.
heathermcfw December 22, 2013
Amazing shot, well worthy.
ToddGirouxPhoto December 23, 2013
Absolutely amazing!!! The immense energy which the ocean generates and is CLEARLY displayed in this image is astounding!! Wonderfully Violent!!!
mettebruus December 25, 2013
This is the most amazing capture i have seen for a very long time - just loooove it :-D
stevensprague December 25, 2013
Wow, awesome job
Eshie December 27, 2013
Love it
Aanestad-Bakke December 27, 2013
joebaxter December 27, 2013
One of the best shots I have seen in a while.
elainelvis December 29, 2013
awesome !
ArtQ December 30, 2013
Congrats on your finalist award.
Thimbee December 30, 2013
Outstanding capture! Congrats
vascoalmeida January 15, 2014
a few years ago a shot was taken in Azores - Portugal in witch people said they saw Neptuno's face. Curious or not in this picture, with much more quality than that photo, in the right side of the lighthouse i can se the same silhouette of Neptuno's - God of the Seas - face. Taking photos to northen sea everyone do, capture these kind of thins it's a quention of luck. And this picture is amazing because mixture's an impressive moment, quality and luck with one awesome result. Congratulattions!
Tim_Haynes January 17, 2014
JDLifeshots January 27, 2014
Awesome capture! Congrats.
pengwyn4007 January 27, 2014
toml721 January 28, 2014
RhondaMcD January 28, 2014
This is an amazing photo - Congratulations
ralphphillips January 28, 2014
Great shot! Congrats on the win.
Livinlife January 28, 2014
Fantastic Shot!
kathleenweetman January 28, 2014
Be proud...this is a stunner.
beamieyoung January 28, 2014
Wow, Congratulations
robjac85 January 28, 2014
Absolutely stunning, congrats.
J_Winder January 28, 2014
Congrats! Well deserved!
KellyM January 28, 2014
Excellent capture! Congrats! Well deserved!
juliedicewynn January 28, 2014
Great Capture!
AndreaE January 28, 2014
Wowww.. this is amazing!! Congrats on your win!!
Deborah January 28, 2014
Congratulations on your win, great shot!
MARISA_PEDROSA January 28, 2014
vale_en January 28, 2014
Thank you all for the great comments!
BowmanLifeStudios January 28, 2014
This is a true Masterpiece, perfect timing, Great composition... Just and Excellent shot all around!
LacesOut January 28, 2014
Congratulations on winning the MOPA Contest. Very well deserved!
birdlover54 January 28, 2014
Congrats! Stunning! Breathtaking! Magnificent! Gorgeous! Incredible Capture! Awesome! Perfect! Well Done!
jvillainc January 28, 2014
Timing was perfect - and so are your talents - congratulations!
Bazz January 28, 2014
AliAlzuhair January 28, 2014
sasta24 January 28, 2014
Congrats :) great image!
barriejames January 28, 2014
A true storm.... why didn't you get your feet wet and get a bit closer?
JeffreyA January 28, 2014
Wow that is awesome!!
aaronnevin January 28, 2014
Congratulations, that is a spectacular shot
KMHalaska January 28, 2014
Breath taking capture of incredible power. Wonderful
bronxie January 28, 2014
Congratulations. It's an amazing shot!
Christel-Kelly-Moore January 28, 2014
latriche January 28, 2014
Congratulations!!! Awesome photo!!!
stasflash January 28, 2014
rommyrozenberg January 28, 2014
Wow! This is realy a great fantastic!!! Very creative!
manojpradeep January 28, 2014
Stunning Photograph :)))
elainelvis January 28, 2014
well deserved !
MaryAnne306 January 28, 2014
Congratulations on your well-deserved win.
cmuller January 28, 2014
uniquefeatures January 28, 2014
Zeke January 28, 2014
Stunning...wicketly stunning!
inge_vautrin January 28, 2014
Fantastic image! Congrats!
susanbailey January 28, 2014
BEAUTIFUL shot!! Well deserved win!! Congrats!!
ninnililjegren January 28, 2014
Awesome capture!! Congratulations!!! :)
DonnaBaileyPhotography January 28, 2014
Fantastic capture and well done
bsturgis2 January 28, 2014
Wow! A great shot...
RIFFMASTERDAN January 28, 2014
melissakirkham January 28, 2014
Just amazing
felicebellini January 28, 2014
I know it from Pixoto, It's a Great shot !
Docbombay January 28, 2014
Magnificent capture congrats
sachinus2010 January 28, 2014
Congrats !
cathyharper January 28, 2014
TraceElementsPhotography January 28, 2014
Spectacular photo. Voted. Absolute Masterpiece! Congrats on the win!!!!
nystylist79 January 28, 2014
Great shot.... congrats!!!!
Wayne_DC January 28, 2014
ManeFrame January 28, 2014
Superb work! Exquisitely done!
Dacemac January 28, 2014
Awesome capture and exposure...Congratulations!
TammyN January 28, 2014
Totally Awesome! Congrats!
LeannRardin January 28, 2014
Congratulations So well deserved. This a true Masterpiece!
AlanJakarta January 28, 2014
Marvelous capture. Congratulations on being the Winner.
Jeanne713 January 28, 2014
Amazing shot! Congrats!!
BlackPinePhotography January 28, 2014
Gorgeous work,
Pete_van_Leeuwen January 28, 2014
Perfect !!!!!.
vipultakekar January 28, 2014
Cangratulations! It's too good
joeljoseph January 28, 2014
thats great timing
gsanchez January 29, 2014
congratulations!! This is such a spectacular picture
vale_en January 29, 2014
Once again, thank you all :)))
SmoothShootz January 29, 2014
Kick @$$!!!
2watsons January 29, 2014
Incredible...where was this raging scene captured?
paulatuckerhogan January 29, 2014
Amazing. Well deserved!!!
Yasseen January 29, 2014
this is amazing!
JennyDiazPhoto January 29, 2014
Congrats! Great shot!
maalikali January 29, 2014
I can feel the power, great job!!
LynnsPhoto January 29, 2014
Wonderful composition and post processing! Congrats, win is well deserved!
Arzhtatiana January 29, 2014
A great shot! Congratulations!
ArtQ January 29, 2014
FrankSomma January 29, 2014
Now that's a rush. One of those amazing photos that makes you think what was it like to be there! Crazy good catch here Vale!
belindapridemore-djukic January 29, 2014
This is an amazing picture. But curious as to how you put two pictures together.
333KimmySue January 29, 2014
StuartWright January 30, 2014
Congratulations, amazing capture
estercastillo08 January 30, 2014
Wonderful , congrats !
MzSusanB January 30, 2014
I do not understand how a compliation of two photos -- that is, a composite of two photos, even shot within seconds of each other -- is a photojournalistic event. My understanding of photojournalism is that an image is captured at the instant the event happens and is not the edited "marriage" of two separate images. Please explain -- ?
intheloupe January 30, 2014
Beautiful captures, though I'm going to have to agree with Ms Susan, photojournalism is one facet of photography in which compositing and photoshopping are fundamentally immoral. Distorting reality through post detracts from the main purpose of photojournalism, namely, reporting the news accurately, objectively and honestly. Regardless, beautiful image and congrats on the prize!
LaurieS January 30, 2014
amazing photo, congrats
Lewisia_rediviva January 30, 2014
Powerful image!
MikeHiggins January 31, 2014
Outstanding shot. Well done!
WayneRoss January 31, 2014
This defines not only the power of nature and mankind's resistance to it,but the power of photography as well.
Thank you for bringing this to us!
theartist361 January 31, 2014
Absolutely amazing . Good job
charlena January 31, 2014
Amazing, you should post both photos so we can see how you merged them.
tra rader February 01, 2014
Excellent shot! Congrats
Monty February 01, 2014
Amazingly well done. Congrats on the win.
kchased February 01, 2014
wow. nice capture
SuperT22 February 01, 2014
ThePhotoGuy February 01, 2014
Such a powerful and exquisite shot ... awesome
debbiehamilton February 02, 2014
Well deserved and well done!
LindaDLester February 03, 2014
Outstanding! Congrats on your awards!
Holly211016 February 03, 2014
Superb captures..fantastic effect
susanbailey February 04, 2014
Outstanding! Wow! Congrats!
Amyart5 February 05, 2014
wow... great shot...
tsambaproductions February 07, 2014
runcietta_marghe_4300 February 09, 2014
wynnelienhardt February 11, 2014
supi February 20, 2014
amazing shot.....!!!!! congrats!
adamduffy February 24, 2014
Nice work bud from ocean photographer to ocean photographer:-)
eileenmacleod March 02, 2014
Congratulations a well deserved winner, stunning shot , beautifully captured.
simoneastop March 02, 2014
Amazing capture
MyrianEdithPoggi March 02, 2014
jane_koranda March 03, 2014
Congradulations. Beautiful place to see in the world. I was lucky to be there in Nov 2013
kimgordon March 14, 2014
For real?!!
carlotaandrade March 29, 2014
Wow, what a capture! Superb work and timing ;)
meshersmith April 02, 2014
Owlphoto April 02, 2014
There is anger in that sea.
p_eileenbaltz April 02, 2014
I have to say that this is a very powerful photo!!! Congratulations on being chosen a finalist.:) Good luck.
mikemalak April 02, 2014
Amazing shot!!
DeadEye April 02, 2014
Outstanding!!!! Great shot, Veselin! -- Richard--
tauragon April 02, 2014
Absolutely Awesome! Congratulations!
ArtQ April 03, 2014
Congrats on your finalist award.
diporzio April 03, 2014
Rl1956 April 03, 2014
congrats on a realy powerful shot
vale_en April 03, 2014
Thank you all!!!
tremorman April 03, 2014
Great shot, I hope you win the Powerful photo contest, good luck
OksanaZa April 03, 2014
ZevSteinhardt April 03, 2014
This is an amazing photograph! I love it!
Scotslarch April 03, 2014
Wow, at the power of this picture. I would love to make it into a jigsaw puzzle (which I make).
robjac85 April 03, 2014
This is a cracking good shot, a winner with me. Congratulations on being a finalist.
gopalakrishnan April 04, 2014
congrats great capture !!
Ising4Him April 04, 2014
Beautiful work! Looks like something out of God's Word. Congratulations.
lito April 07, 2014
Awesome capture!
philtraas June 07, 2014
Great blend with the exposures. Kudos for the patience to get such a great shot.
kathleenweetman June 12, 2014
Wonderful...voted in Dodho vol 1
PestMaster September 23, 2014
Simply Breathtaking !
Marjoriesmithphotography October 08, 2014
scruffyherbert December 14, 2014
There's not a lot else that I can add to what has already be written. A simply stunning image and very well compiled. Can't believe I haven't spotted it for so long. Amazing.
davidconnelly December 20, 2014
wow, where is that? Great shot
artifarti2012 December 22, 2014
Wowwww! You have merged the two shots beautifully creating such impact and drama...and I do see Neptune's face in the wave to the right. A truly stunning image :-)
cclaude January 07, 2015
Fantastic capture! Great timing, and beautifully exposed! Congrats!
Robb January 08, 2015
Kksgram January 08, 2015
The power in this shot is mesmerizing and terrifying all at the same time. I've seen similar shots, but this is one of the best !!!
lindabonskowski January 08, 2015
janland January 10, 2015
Fabulous capture! Beautiful composition, light and detail! Congrats!
seatonimages January 18, 2015
tropicala January 18, 2015
Fantastic compilation. Great job!
sarahcurtis_8612 February 07, 2015
So awesome - I can't imagine where you were when you took this ....
terryc February 07, 2015
Amazing and dramatic!
Bazz February 08, 2015
Wow, amazing capture!
angelcher333 February 25, 2015
love it!!!!
JdyJdyJdy March 03, 2015
Fabulous shot!
casperwilkens March 05, 2015
Perfect timing!
maureenrueffer March 05, 2015
Fabulous image!
marizzza March 07, 2015
amazing ! love it!!!
larrykelly March 08, 2015
Absolutly Awesome, I love it.
terryc March 15, 2015
bridemoji April 15, 2015
oh my god.....
very very good
kanizkhan April 21, 2015
Brilliant blending
DonHoekPhoto May 04, 2015
Just an awesome capture. Congrats!!
SvetlanaYanina May 04, 2015
How far away you were?
DebbieKMiller81 May 04, 2015
Well deserved awards. Amazing capture. I love it.
congrats awesome
tanyamarkova May 05, 2015
Perfect work ! Истинска радост за очите ! :)
Jeanne713 May 05, 2015
Amazing, beautiful, Awesome!!
CraigWest May 05, 2015
Great capture. Congratulations on all the awards!
tonybruguiere May 05, 2015
Congratulations! This is a stunning image.
bradbode May 06, 2015
Outstanding !!
vale_en May 09, 2015
Thank you all for the amazing comments!
Oceansphotography May 09, 2015
Everything everyone said ten fold...:). This picture says so much, very powerful!......No matter how big the storm that engulfs us, we will stand stronger for the next....
zetlog May 20, 2015
suerobinson May 25, 2015
this is fantastic! i know the patience it takes to wait for that perfect moment & in nature, sometimes it can be a long wait! best of luck in the Best Shot contest!
billdpix May 25, 2015
Insane shot - great work!
ajpapez May 30, 2015
Great Photo
pedronunoferreira May 30, 2015
I know this place and have photographed it and I known when this happened ... this is a masterpiece by Veselin Malinov. You have my vote.
cherylmuir June 01, 2015
OwenJFitzpatrick June 03, 2015
EvgenyDubinchuk June 03, 2015
Such a huge wave!
dcsmommy June 03, 2015
Wow! Absolutely amazing!
thenickelwell June 03, 2015
This is freaking insane! Amazing capture.
philnelson June 04, 2015
Great shot, how lucky you are to be there at that moment..
CharlieV June 11, 2015
You can feel this image.
Tlae74 June 22, 2015
A moment in time perfectly captured.
redwriter June 22, 2015
Great image. Nice work. - Jake
davidheller June 22, 2015
Wow, what a great photo.
50seyes June 25, 2015
Talk about being in the right place at the right time, great catch. How many did you shoot to get this one?
sbastienlopezmassoni July 06, 2015
Wonderfull photgraph, water are like clouds!
terrysigns13 July 16, 2015
Wow! I happened on this and am blown away!
Incredible Shot!
Cheever2 July 21, 2015
sharlenescarboroughdodds July 21, 2015
tazdog July 21, 2015
Natures fury right here
nina050 July 25, 2015
Incredible capture....congrats!!
dorisfleck July 28, 2015
Absolutely spectacular shot. One of my favorites.
reflectionsbyrenee July 28, 2015
Oh by gosh, breathtaking, , WOW< WOW, congrats on your runner up, I had you winning this.... :)
dennisrathbun August 05, 2015
kaymurphy August 10, 2015
love it
Rayahxx August 10, 2015
I absolutely love this. Great capture!
aidagri December 16, 2015
Great capture, congrats!
lyoung403b December 28, 2015
roksanabunar February 10, 2016
ed_ouimette March 08, 2016
very nice
EdytaTywonek April 03, 2016
great timing..
Treecy July 07, 2016
That just blows my mind. Best photo I have ever seen!
DeaCo August 20, 2016
In one word: WOOOW!!! ????
CharlieV August 31, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
CharlieV August 31, 2016
Thumbs up
medlabtech September 17, 2016
Wonderful shot
tonyvasquez October 24, 2016
Amazing capture!
rubensantos November 02, 2016
Great photo and edition, congrats!!
justenchristensen November 03, 2016
dmitriyfd November 16, 2016
Crazy power...
nornots April 13, 2017
jonbuck May 16, 2017
Brave photographer haha
simonparry May 20, 2017
Amazing looking shot..
martincraigjones July 05, 2017
This is a wonderful image. Please consider joining my photo challenge: Water in Motion
Go to my profile: martincraigjones
Click on challenges.
Select created
Select “Water in Motion
Thank you
Lovesphoto July 28, 2017
Perfect image. Captured at the peak of action.
james1234 August 10, 2017
Great shot
dereckwainwright August 25, 2017
Lovely shot capturing the beautiful force of nature. Well done for being there
tinadavis September 05, 2017
ElliotS123 November 10, 2017
RiViCo February 13, 2018
That is a storm, a real one - excellent shot
bigjk March 31, 2018
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
bigjk March 31, 2018
shot in a million
phillipmcpeek Jan 24
Amazing image!
petrpolach Jan 31
Very dramatic! Nice!
The ocean is not to be messed with. This is amazing!

the photo is a compilation of two photos, foreground and background, made one after another....
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the photo is a compilation of two photos, foreground and background, made one after another.
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Behind The Lens

I took this picture on 19 of January 2013. This is the old lighthouse in Porto, Portugal.
It was maybe 11 a.m. and I continue shooting until 12 or 13 p.m.
Yes, I could say that it was difficult to take this picture for two reasons. First, the light coming from the sky was very inconstant and uncertain which made me change my shutter speed and aperture every few seconds (I shoot only in manual mode) because I didn’t want to burn out the highlights in the pictures.
At that time I was using Canon 550 D with 24-105 L lens, no flash or any other equipment had been used.
It is the same inspiration for each photo I make-pure passion for photography! It is simple as that.
The photo is a compilation of two photos, foreground and background, made one after another. When I was reviewing the photos when I got home, I saw that the lighthouse and the wave behind it are just amazing, but I wanted more about this particular photo. So, I continue with the reviewing of the next photos and I saw the perfect foreground for the previous frame. I combined them and that's that :)
In my camera bag
Now, I use Canon 7D, canon 17-40 4 mm L lens and Sigma 50-150 2.8 mm. Two flashes and different filters. Of course and a sturdy tripod.
Know your camera! Shoot manual is the only way to control fully the camera and therefore the components in your photo!

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