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SlowGuns October 20, 2013
I love it, and i agree with you..
Cleggy October 21, 2013
Absolutely awesome
lisatatum October 21, 2013
Great capture
PhilipCarnevale October 21, 2013
Awesome! A photograph that tells a story.
variationoo October 22, 2013
I love the harmlessness of this photo. but its very gripping in a sense that theres only a sheet of glass protecting the girl! nice job though shows a great story!!!
robertmatakovic November 03, 2013
Thank you. Yes only a sheet of glass is protecting the girl, and us :)
lohrasbamjadi Jul 30
robertmatakovic Isn't that a credit to the glass-maker?
elfiedwards October 22, 2013
very touching and moving, great image
TomK October 22, 2013
great capture :)
ksotiko October 23, 2013
LOVE.. It's happening all around the world lately very fast... people are reconnecting with the source they want or they don't. Amazing moment captured!!!!
robertmatakovic November 03, 2013
Thnx. :)
sweetpea72 October 23, 2013
WOOW !! :)
mariceljorge October 24, 2013
Just BEAUTIFUL... GREAT pic and photographer!
MaryAnne306 November 03, 2013
Lovely. Congratulations.
LeeBennett November 03, 2013
Congratulations on your feature! Moving image!
Spijkerboer November 03, 2013
Super picture. I love it
AlanJakarta November 03, 2013
Wonderful shot, title & narrative. Congratulations.
rebeccaM November 03, 2013
Such a great capture ! Congrats !
julieto November 03, 2013
Perfect :)
sully1364 November 03, 2013
annalisaaa November 03, 2013
Nishant-101 November 03, 2013
this is a pic of a life time, many congrats..
DVallas November 03, 2013
Wonderful picture
naveennexttou November 03, 2013
we r one :)
drakkardarkblade November 03, 2013
congrats, fantastic, please check out my works
EndlessHorizonPhoto November 03, 2013
Great shot, well done!
catini November 03, 2013
Nice, congrats on your feature!
oldtrafford November 03, 2013
perfect picture...perfect words my friend...wish more people would appreciate them...roy
iceman2 November 03, 2013
Beautiful capture.Congrats!
CecilyH November 03, 2013
Outstanding picture, well done!
d0nn3112009 November 03, 2013
great shot!
claytoncosta November 03, 2013
nice shoot!!!
WileKyK November 03, 2013
Amazing shot! Congratulations on your Feature!
WyoGalPhotography November 03, 2013
Congrats! Awesome photo!
XpressionsofCreation November 03, 2013
I really like this alot!
It shows the connection that exist between us...nature and animals.
Great shot.
angiepantsphotography November 03, 2013
This is in my top 10 photos of all time. Stunning.
JeffreyA November 03, 2013
That is an awesome shot, congrats!!!
jleiweke November 03, 2013
barrynightingale November 03, 2013
Oh wow. I love it.
KeriHarrish November 03, 2013
Wonderful capture and lovely words, well done.
redwriter November 03, 2013
Wonderful capture. Congrats. - Jake
jsade13 November 03, 2013
This picture moved me like none other in quit some time... What a moment to capture in time!! Congrats to you!
robertmatakovic November 04, 2013
Thank you :)
MaryAnnAndrews November 03, 2013
Wonderful capture; congratulations on the feature.
robertmatakovic November 04, 2013
Thnx :)
Leyla123 November 03, 2013
Very beautiful and touching image. Perfect i love it !
Lionel November 03, 2013
Cool shot
DesireedeLeeuw November 03, 2013
Fantastic! I love it, and the title/explanation is perfect... congratulations on the feature!!
robertmatakovic November 04, 2013
Thanks. Glad you like it :)
carlotaandrade November 03, 2013
Dezi November 03, 2013
Such a moving and amazing photograph! I would so loved to have captured this....well done :)
Dezi November 03, 2013
Congrats on your well deserved feature also!!!
debhall November 03, 2013
Absolutely stunning shot! Congrats on your feature!
deepbandivadekar November 03, 2013
That's so awesome moment ! Loved it very much.
OriginalDirk November 03, 2013
This is awesome!
fotogalmexican November 03, 2013
kkat November 03, 2013
Congratulations!!! Big Kitty!!!
NirmalGiri November 03, 2013
Awesome shot.
What I loved in the pic, is how the kitty has raised its paw in connection with the girl. As if there is a mental bond between those two.. Love this pic.
robertmatakovic November 04, 2013
craiglittle1 November 03, 2013
nitti November 03, 2013
Creatively done....congrats
CaroMailly November 03, 2013
Great picture,I've seen the photo last week on the Ineternet too but I don't remeber which page
robertmatakovic November 04, 2013
Thanks, yes the picture is on other sites also. I can't keep track every one is sharing it :/
nicken November 03, 2013
Great Composition.
darrellgillenwater November 04, 2013
awesome shot
Alesta November 04, 2013
Everything is perfect in this photo. Congratulations!
irishmaire November 04, 2013
Great shot and love what it stands for
ultrafire3 November 04, 2013
welp, my head exploded.
ChloeKatrinaPhotography November 04, 2013
kellybooth November 05, 2013
What a truly magic moment. Awesome capture, well done!!
nabou17 November 05, 2013
Wow. Looks like something out of a dramatic film. Amazing
steo November 05, 2013
great capture
SherranAndersen November 05, 2013
A photo that tells a story.
bvphotosnap November 05, 2013
AngelCouchPhotography November 05, 2013
Love Love Love this..Great shot.Congrats on Feature.
beetlestone November 05, 2013
Congrats! What an awesome capture! you have captured such a powerful emotion in this photo! Well done!
joecas November 06, 2013
fantastic capture!Congrats!
CareAss November 10, 2013
The lioness is begging for freedom. :(
Livinlife November 10, 2013
WOW! This speaks volumes!
rmr731 November 11, 2013
Phenomenal capture! Congrats on being featured!
maryberg November 14, 2013
Amazing. Touching. Thank you. We are one - it's a giant ride with everyone and everything on board.
jenniferzaccardi November 15, 2013
inspiring , wonderful
Naturalbeauty November 16, 2013
Amazing photo capturing a Very true moment. The world needs more people like you.
HappyTree November 16, 2013
alx_rivera November 16, 2013
Amazing, My favorite.
Wayne_Sr November 16, 2013
Fantastic shot, Congratulations on your featured image..:~)
nellasfotographymalta November 22, 2013
Wow, well done
Karine December 03, 2013
I AGREE! Unfortunately a lot of so called 'humans' forget that we ARE ONE after all! And we should preserve them! They are so vulnerable!
stefanozocca December 05, 2013
Fantastica. Bravo!
elzbthd December 10, 2013
This is absolutely stunning. Well done.
rockk62 December 17, 2013
What an incredible really does take your breath away! Picture of the year!
Splendidimagery December 22, 2013
Great shot!
gazamon December 27, 2013
Magnificent capture.
edgar3077 January 26, 2014
OMG this is FANTASTIC!!!!
billndotnet February 22, 2014
Lot of emotion to this composition, well done.
VictoriaBullock April 03, 2014
Great composition; Congrats!
mariameloalmeida April 03, 2014
Great image!
AymanSaadedin April 04, 2014
Great Capture (Y)
Larvas May 02, 2014
My man!
ShifraG July 03, 2014
Such a special capture!! Award well deserved!!
tranini July 07, 2014
epic shot!!!
WyoGalPhotography September 19, 2014
Very powerful photo - love it!
MaryAnne306 December 19, 2014
What a wonderful photo!
ericstokley December 24, 2014
Stunning capture and a perfect message.
JoseV December 27, 2014
Wow, outstanding.
bel1966 December 29, 2014
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!All time favourite
NarelleP January 07, 2015
Stunning and powerful image!! well done
Meja_Miangola January 14, 2015
Wow... just amazing. P.E.R..F.E.C.T
lindabonskowski January 15, 2015
This really moves me. I hate to see animals cages, and this one depicts that if we truly are one, no one and nothing should be caged. It truly brings tears to my eyes.
tinekeziemer January 15, 2015
mesmerizing, I am so drawn to this.
tropicala January 18, 2015
Beautiful image! Great shot. Love it!
KAMI January 22, 2015
PrincessAtelier January 23, 2015
Just Wow
_mp_ January 27, 2015
wow, a stunning photo. So much emotion
borislavaatanasova January 28, 2015
Catmonds February 04, 2015
Jenn81 February 09, 2015
Very creative and very powerful image. Great work!
Shultzie February 10, 2015
PHOTO_BY_OSADCHY February 14, 2015
best best photo
deniseabela February 19, 2015
There's something very hopeful about this image... Absolutely amazing!
crickett267 March 05, 2015
This is the shot everyone dreams of getting. Very nice...
needacloud March 05, 2015
Beautiful picture, it tells a great Story!
maureenrueffer March 05, 2015
Wow! How fabulous
bev_birkholtz_4296 March 05, 2015
This gives me goosebumps! What a shot!
bev_birkholtz_4296 March 05, 2015
This gives me goosebumps! What a shot!
vesipenkova March 06, 2015
Dunner March 06, 2015
This capture brings me to tears. "We are one" is SO near and dear to my heart. Breathtaking once in a lifetime shot. Thank you for this. THANK YOU.
michaeltillman March 15, 2015
They almost appear to be friends. Nice shot. Congrats on the Feature.
onelife2write March 23, 2015
Absolutly amazing capture!
garycopeland March 28, 2015
Love the way you can tell how powerful the cat is by the size of his paws compare to the Childs great image
tanjajensen April 06, 2015
What a great image! I feel it in my heart! So touching!
seprock April 16, 2015
awesome shot! I love it!
herbertkikoy April 29, 2015
carolyns July 20, 2015
Fantastic - so much meaning!
tammyswarek September 20, 2015
Amazing shot!
Jenny_Lg April 22, 2016
Love this!
nikitadecruy May 28, 2016
Love the image.
G8dlv May 30, 2016
Wonderful shot! Now this is a picture that has soul to it. It tells a story and draws you in. Keep up the good work!
brendanwilliams June 02, 2016
Extremely powerful
Bexy03 August 12, 2016
So beautiful
Hippiechic August 15, 2016
So beautiful
meredithbowerman August 17, 2016
Very honest... My kind of photography!
Mandala November 15, 2016
What a special gift you were able to witness and capture! It speaks volumes!
Felito109 December 08, 2016
mowgli x
Pawesomephotos December 19, 2016
This is the best photograph. Ever. It is so inspiring, and says what even words cannot. Bravo!
Jaxx March 29, 2017
Love it!!! Beautiful capture!! ?
myriamverne-soury April 11, 2017
What a strong capture ! BRAVO Robert !!
Pamelabole April 23, 2017
Powerful......connecting, yet sad. And yes, we are all one. The world needs to be a kinder more loving place for all! Congrats on being a contest finalist!!!
: )
Jarno May 01, 2017
So much depth. Animal image with great heart.
crisfranks May 05, 2017
This photo paints a beautiful story.
embas June 08, 2017
gregery June 30, 2017
I really do hate taking photographs taken through the protective glass and fences at Zoos.. This however, is entirely different!
Kazelzs July 20, 2017
Love it! Looks like the lion would ask for respect and for the right to live with us in harmony!!
gp81 October 19, 2017
Amazing photo I see sadness in this piece. Poor lion ????
LaurieS October 19, 2017
Love it
benanthony October 20, 2017
I love this shot! Superb capture!!
tatocreativo October 22, 2017
nalorns October 22, 2017
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
nalorns October 22, 2017
a story behind speaks....
hernandezselvin October 22, 2017
I couldn't think on a better image than this to the story behind it! Congratulations!
Dhunte October 23, 2017
Wow , great capture , one of those photos that says
Irkisis November 07, 2017
Incredible photo!
Canadianeh November 08, 2017
An incredible moment to capture!! A treasure for sure! Awesome job :)
michellestone November 08, 2017
Congratulations. Well deserve winner. Love the composition and story.
myriamverne-soury November 10, 2017
Strong masterpiece bravo Robert !
peterfoldiak November 10, 2017
Such a stunning photo!!!
NJane March 21, 2018
Love this shot. Great job!
marchesedp July 26, 2018
I have never seen anything like this. Most amazing picture ever
thomasshaw_3067 August 28, 2018
Amazing picture, you can almost see a soulful connection
daphnepebbles Jul 30
Im am you're spirit animal guardian

We are one.

This image was taken in Croatia, Zagreb.
The title says all what I think of the situation in the world concerning animals,well all the living things on ea...
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This image was taken in Croatia, Zagreb.
The title says all what I think of the situation in the world concerning animals,well all the living things on earth, doesn't matter which species.

Just to let you know, image was taken in the moment. The lion was sleeping all the time, as they do, then the little girl started scratching the glass. The lion woke up saw the girl and started doing the same thing, imitating here.
I was on the other side and a friend called out, hey look at this, I ran to take a photo. I was standing behind the girl with a telephoto lens, adjusted the settings on the fly and just started shoot burst photos :)
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