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GordonD October 20, 2013
Fabulous work :))
larrybeard October 20, 2013
Thanks again for your great comments. Mahalo
fila4 October 20, 2013
larrybeard October 21, 2013
Thanks for the comment. Have a great Monday.
PhilipCarnevale October 20, 2013
larrybeard October 21, 2013
Thanks Philip. Mahalo...
ChristineA October 21, 2013
This is simply breathtaking.
larrybeard October 21, 2013
Thank you for the support. Love your comments.
Timbo October 21, 2013
Fantastic capture of colours and natural energy.... Well done
larrybeard October 21, 2013
Thank you, you have some very great imagery yourself. Mahalo
IsabellaD October 22, 2013
Breathtaking, incredible composition in only a fraction of a second, love it !
rmr731 October 22, 2013
Amazing capture! Wow!
gipsiwriter October 23, 2013
Wow, I'd love to know how you captured this. Im assuming you were in the water?
thomasborn October 24, 2013
very cool work Larry!!
raewynduff October 26, 2013
jayanthdas November 22, 2013
super like...
JanelleC December 20, 2013
Absolutely Amazing!
larrybeard December 20, 2013
Thank you Janelle. Mahalo
davidrelph December 20, 2013
Amazing colour in the wave, super shot
larrybeard December 20, 2013
This is one of the few spots to catch the sun in the wave. And it's only for 4 months out of the year. Thanks
JasmineBlake December 20, 2013
Oh wow!!!!!!!!
larrybeard December 20, 2013
LOL Thank you...
AlanJakarta December 20, 2013
Awesome image - I may be wrong, but I assume from your commentary that this consists of multiple shots merged together. Congratulations.
larrybeard December 20, 2013
No, this is one shot. This has 3 waves all converging at one time. This is the only beach in So Cal this gets this dramatic. Thanks for the comment and have a great day.
akhtarkhan December 20, 2013
Excellent multiple exposure, fantastic light and colours and merging waves. spectacular view and stunning work. .....congrats on the feature.
larrybeard December 20, 2013
Thanks for the great comment. So many elements coming together to make this shot special. Not something you can plan on. LOL
Wizzard December 20, 2013
Marvelous capture! Well done!
larrybeard December 20, 2013
Thank you for the comment and the support...
Rosemaryswan December 20, 2013
Beautiful! Congrats
larrybeard December 20, 2013
Thanks and have a great day...
kimschou December 20, 2013
This is fantastic - congrats to you - deserved!
larrybeard December 20, 2013
Thank you.
catini December 20, 2013
Beautiful, amazing capture! Congrats on your feature!
larrybeard December 20, 2013
Thanks and yeah I'm really honored. Their are a lot of really talented photographers here.
ack1128 December 20, 2013
Nice! How did you do it with out getting your camera soaked? Or was it a water proof camera? Congats for being featured!
larrybeard December 20, 2013
A DSLR in a water housing. Let me get some amazing shots. Thanks for the comment..
WileKyK December 20, 2013
Beautiful shot! Congratulations on your well-deserved Feature!
larrybeard December 20, 2013
Thanks for the support...
drakkardarkblade December 20, 2013
congrats, fantastic, please check out my works
larrybeard December 20, 2013
Thanks you for the comment. Mahalo
jvillainc December 20, 2013
Larry, Larry, Larry - your photo is incredible! Congratulations many times over again!
larrybeard December 20, 2013
Thanks and have a great day.
iceman2 December 20, 2013
Excellent capture.Congrats!
larrybeard December 20, 2013
Thank you. Mahalo
valeriejo416 December 20, 2013
this shot is amazing...I have always wanted to take shots like you use an underwater camera?
june_coker_428 December 20, 2013
INCREDIBLE! You have captured the unimaginable!
Unlimited December 20, 2013
Wonderful! This certainly sticks out from the rest of the pictures of waves that I've seen. Perhaps another name for this photo would be "Fire and Ice" ?
jpblitz December 20, 2013
A true work of art. Absolutely love this shot!
Capture-Life December 20, 2013
LOOOOVE this :):)
seagypsy1000 December 20, 2013
Oh, it's just so beautiful!
darrellgillenwater December 20, 2013
symesie04 December 20, 2013
That truly is a beautiful image. Great work sir.
Liese December 20, 2013
sweetpea72 December 20, 2013
Absolutely stunning...Congrats! (:
PhotoAlaska December 20, 2013
excellent shot
BowmanLifeStudios December 20, 2013
This is an Amazing Shot, Perfect Stop Action and the Colors are breathtaking. Great Detail and Clarity as well a Superb Shot well Done!
mandarose December 20, 2013
Many congrats! Really love your work :)
FrankSomma December 20, 2013
Wet & Wild!
ybuhac December 20, 2013
Wonderful image, great colour and timing, congrats on feature
maymoon December 20, 2013
great shot
rmr731 December 20, 2013
Congrats on being featured! It is a worthy shot!
abihillphotography December 20, 2013
beautiful photo!
JoanieP December 20, 2013
WOW , outstanding.
pixellimagery December 20, 2013
Complete chaos with STUNNING photographic results, Larry!
Congrats on your feature, beautiful image, and also 'wave-bio' :-)))
fotogalmexican December 20, 2013
congrats great foto!!!
kentuckygirl61 December 20, 2013
Breathtaking capture! A tunnel of water & gorgeous colors. Did you get knocked over ?
bbranyon December 20, 2013
Awesome photo!
vanjans December 20, 2013
Mesmerizing. You just disproved those who say "all pictures that could be taken already been taken"
justkim1106 December 20, 2013
Completely stunning! Great timing and skill to caputre this at just the perfect point.
gabriellebalon December 21, 2013
Really dynamic and beautiful!
lindywalker December 21, 2013
jdrgt40 December 21, 2013
LCdutch December 21, 2013
Absolutely Magnificent. Larry
gopalakrishnan December 21, 2013
excellent capture !!
rnjoel December 21, 2013
Two of the earth's greatest sources of power captured together for just a moment. Your timing and composure are stunning.
aaronnevin December 21, 2013
DavidFreire December 21, 2013
totally tubular,dude!
Nicole-Hawaii December 22, 2013
reminds me of Hawaii :) Great colors, and an awesome wave shot!
ltstudios December 22, 2013
This is seriously unbelievable!! The colors, the composition, everything! Beautiful beautiful beautiful!
carlotaandrade December 22, 2013
Superb job! WOW, so awesome! Congrats ;)
jasonaskim December 24, 2013
Amazing.Very nice job
robjoeball December 28, 2013
Water is an amazing element! Beautiful shot!
robjoeball December 28, 2013
Water is an amazing element! Beautiful shot!
DAPhotography December 29, 2013
Congratulations on your feature win. Amazing capture.
chamalimed January 04, 2014
This is a real masterpiece :))
kunalbais January 06, 2014
Amazing shot.. congrats
feistyvolk January 06, 2014
Whoa. This is just wow. I cannot even imagine how you begin to get this shot. I assume your camera is waterproof? Is it one of those gopro ones? I am just... in awe right now. I hope you win many contests with this shot - great job!
spidermanofnj January 07, 2014
I'm with feistyvolk! Ditto! What a shot!
wolfgangprader January 07, 2014
One word: wonderful!
chrisrgivens January 09, 2014
love this shot! job well done!!
tcote January 10, 2014
olliegriffiths January 13, 2014
This is amazing! Really like this!!
APP-Photography January 14, 2014
traceprinslooreppin January 16, 2014 else is there to say! :-)
D-Laura January 16, 2014
I just love this capture:)
tisherself January 19, 2014
outstandingly creative
tisherself January 19, 2014
outstandingly creative
billebbing January 23, 2014
Absolutely Great Shot
bitsnpiecesphotography January 31, 2014
I love the colors. Awesome!
donnazaungough February 03, 2014
I feel like I am in the middle of this Chaos ! Love it ! Absolutely Love it !
Krishna_Kumar February 03, 2014
jimidean February 11, 2014
Wow thats up there with Clark Little. Amazing
danlahey February 16, 2014
This pic is awesome. Good Job!
bud82520 February 16, 2014
Nice capture!
leannedancaster February 22, 2014
this is absolutely beautiful xxx
ShifraG July 03, 2014
ImageHunter88 July 07, 2014
georgekoncz August 26, 2014
Absolutely stunning shots, you must be over the moon about them.
arizonadkins September 02, 2014
Wow. Fabulous work. Takes my breath away
Shulie1 November 28, 2014
Awesome shot!
sarahfisher December 03, 2014
This is incredible! Well done!
mixaliskalogerakis December 04, 2014
Just amazing...
eflair December 04, 2014
Wow! This is beyond incredible.
cherylnellis23 December 05, 2014
Wow, amazing!
readysetgo December 18, 2014
Wow! Amazing shot!
gondmagdi January 01, 2015
awesome capture !
patlasley January 05, 2015
PennyWinn January 09, 2015
This would make a fabulous painting
sharonmolan January 13, 2015
ingridwilcox January 21, 2015
Absolutely stunning. Just love this image.
DorisSeybold January 28, 2015
Never seen that before. It`s breathtaking!
cheri February 03, 2015
Absolutely amazing work. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Exceptional!!
theshawnamiller February 04, 2015
Outstanding movement and light.
mazenmikati February 15, 2015
Warm and Cold colors combined. Very Nice
camroth February 16, 2015
The lighting on this is absolutely phenomenal. How did you get this shot? Actually surfing?
needacloud March 05, 2015
Wow, what an epic Shot! Congrats on that!
NatashaT March 06, 2015
Well, what to's....breathtaking!!!
Villi March 06, 2015
Love the colors!!! Awesome shot
pamelainob March 07, 2015
Beautiful color!
sandhipjawahar March 16, 2015
wow.....just wow....fantabulous click!
jodielyn March 17, 2015
Beautiful image!!
Angana March 20, 2015
"Oh my God!"
karlhayes March 20, 2015
beautiful is first word to come to mind
Pinakshiva March 22, 2015
Wow the colors are so so good i am very very inspired now, thanks for sharing this pic
trivedidarshan March 29, 2015
I cant resist my self to comment....Simply amazing composition and lights...perfect timing !!!
rogercampeau April 07, 2015
Wow awesome photo !!!
TheoShilton April 12, 2015
Beuatiful work larry! The colours!!! :D
clem April 14, 2015
I have a thing for water, and this is fantastic
jfussphotography April 15, 2015
One of the most amazing shots i've seen! Incredible photo.
rainavl April 19, 2015
Great shot! And I love your descriptions as well
JGrubb123 April 27, 2015
Awesome shot!!!
hankklassen April 29, 2015
Stunning! Wow!
SuperT22 May 04, 2015
craigmcgregor June 04, 2015
Awesome Photo!
sharlenescarboroughdodds June 14, 2015
Ayersphotography June 15, 2015
Love the colors!
paulmoore June 24, 2015
All of your photos are fantastic, love them all. Great work.
adavies October 26, 2015
Awesome image! Congrats!
PALLAVISUHAS October 26, 2015
heathermoreton October 28, 2015
Friggin amazeballs!!!!!!!!!!!
WolfsInk October 28, 2015
Saw this on facebook and had to like, this is fantastic!
dmitrysamsonov June 28, 2016
fantastic colors captured!
Celtgirl420 August 30, 2016
ScheiMedia September 19, 2016
wow, amazing colors:)
HenriKateH October 14, 2016
The colours in this photo are amazing, this is a stunner of a photo
Caustin17 December 06, 2016
OMG, beautiful, eye candy.
BrianBasson December 17, 2016
Superb timing
helen_marie January 01, 2017
Wow incredible shot.
BrunoGiuseppe January 26, 2017
The perfect shot!
patricksmart January 30, 2017
Where did you take the picture? Amazing picture! You are very talentee
bathsalt February 24, 2017
Amazing photo!!
JamiMartin March 05, 2017
Absolutely beautiful!
casrowbottom March 17, 2017
Absolutely beautiful ????
adri453 April 16, 2017
This is amazing!!
EmmanuelVerzura May 01, 2017
waw that ray
Photography-by-Wills June 22, 2017
What an amazing shot. Congrats man.
Stormerboss10 June 29, 2017
Very inspiring
marcinszymanski July 14, 2017
Superb capture!
roguegenius August 02, 2017
Aesthetic_wonderss August 07, 2017
This would be a wonderful entry in my Water Wonders photo challenge!!!! This photo is gorgeous!
AliAlzuhair August 13, 2017
Look like we are in the sea wave!
JamesSingleton August 28, 2017
You are a freak. Your work is unbelievable!
darrellgillenwater September 20, 2017
Awesome capture
Thelmag January 03, 2018
Blair_Levia April 17, 2018
JamesPaulGrierson April 23, 2018
Sweet shot :)
The_Photo_Wave_Rat August 05, 2018
Omg ..Unreal
didar_chy September 09, 2018
mariosikoracz November 03, 2018
hannelieburger November 05, 2018
I am in love with this photo. Stunning
MarionHanzel November 07, 2018
Its perfect
alanwood December 02, 2018
fantastic shot!
Mike_18 December 02, 2018
Love this
mhinsbeeck December 04, 2018
annmor December 10, 2018
WOW!!! Beside I'm just speechless about this amazing, wonderful and incredible perfect fabulous picture I want say CONGRATULATION and THANK You for sharing with us! Best regards, -:)
patriciacherepes December 16, 2018
Fabulous... I so love this photograph. It’s stunning !
nornots December 17, 2018
Wow, amazing
esf13 December 31, 2018
esf13 December 31, 2018
TKandaCanon December 31, 2018
This would brighten up any room, especially printed on a frameless canvas! It's breathtaking!!
A favorite! Amazing!
ssshoot Apr 13
Another stunner!

Rainbow Colors in Chaos

Changing tidal surges can create some very dramatic waves at this amazing beach. This beach has a jetty on the south end. The waves bounce off the jetty creatin...
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Changing tidal surges can create some very dramatic waves at this amazing beach. This beach has a jetty on the south end. The waves bounce off the jetty creating a secondary wave. This secondary wave combines with the next wave and multiplies its power and intensity. With the up coming tide, the waves change in a big way. The rising tide creates a third wave as the water rushes down off the beach. This is called backwash. This backwash slams into the on coming waves. Complete Chaos!
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