sunset beauty from northern norway

Nice sunset from norway.

Nice sunset from norway.
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texaaronpueschel PRO+
texaaronpueschel June 27, 2015
This one flat out gets it!!!! Fantastic.
doubleplay PRO+
doubleplay January 20, 2016
That is a Wow, as is your entire portfolio, fantastic work!

Behind The Lens

Taken at Bogan, Sortland, northern part of Norway.
Afternoon, at around 5 pm.
We have a nice light up here, during sunsets and sunrises. Arctic colours.
Canon eos 6D, with a Nikon nikkor AF-S 14-24G ED f/2,8 lense with adaptor- ring from nikon to canon.
The arctic light inspired me to take this photo. It is incredible!
Light post processing, like adding contrast, sharping a little bit.
In my camera bag
6D. Nikon 14-24 lense. Canon 70-200 l usm f4 lense. Sigma 50mm f/1.4 lense. Filters. Speedlight 430 flash. Sigma 530 flash. Remote shuttercontrol. tripod.
Find a nice spot, by the lake or a water, to get reflections. That make the image more depth. try the shutterspeed priority on your camera, or just the M mode, that allows you to manually set all of your adjustments on cam. Try and fail, that's the way to learn;-)

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