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Sviety February 25, 2015
Your photos are true story telling. Great job
timpawlovich February 25, 2015
Thank you so so much! Hearing that means a lot to me!
Tiekie February 26, 2015
What an amazing capture.
timpawlovich February 26, 2015
Thank you!
CHWagner March 20, 2015
what a fantastic picture. I love the story it tells
Rolenz March 31, 2015
Nice composition, lighting.
nicofurious April 01, 2015
Excellent shot
TwoGreenEyes June 08, 2015
Congratulations on winning the chair contest!
tammyswarek June 09, 2015
Love this!
Etna June 13, 2015
Beautiful shot
BrunoHeeb June 19, 2015
amazing shot ,love your style
OverTheMoon August 27, 2015
Amazing! Congratulations on Contest Finalist in Urban Decay.
Witmar May 26, 2016
great photo






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Behind The Lens

Taken just outside of Cicero, Indiana. I stumbled onto this location while driving around with a few friends. It's in a very discrete area that seems to have been untouched for a very long time. I ended up discovering many abandoned trains that were waiting to be explored!
I found it just around noon and came back a few hours later with all my equipment, models, etc...
To get the right kind of lighting in the photo, you had to use what you were given and not force it. All the light I was getting was merely creeping in through the windows. It wasn't easy getting the right lighting every time either because on both sides of the train, were more trains. Most of the light was just what had been reflecting off the metal sides of the trains.
I used a Nikon D3200 and a few reflectors. I also shot some on film.
The dress that I had my model wear was hand made by a good friend of mine years ago and had never been worn. Luckily for me, my model fit perfectly into it. I really wanted to capture stunning images for my friend, since she allowed me to use her dress. I love urban exploring and adventuring through the "lost and forgotten world" and I thought this would be a perfect location to use that dress.
I shot it in raw and converted it into JPEG. Other than that, I don't usually like to manipulate my photos, unless I need to. I do "touch-ups" on Iphoto on some of the photos to help the overall feel that I am looking for. Overall, part of the fun in photography is trying to capture your manipulations in the original shoot.
In my camera bag
I always bring my camera, sometimes a tripod and reflectors, and every now and then my film camera and rolls of film. Besides camera stuff, I like to bring an abundance of clothing articles (you never know what may look good at last second) and usually some food. I always get hungry and tend to be out in the middle of nowhere most of the time.
"A good photographer borrows, A great photographer steals." If someone wanted to create something similar to this photo, I would advise them to First, think about what they want to capture. Second, work with the light, not against. Third, have fun taking pictures of the unexpected. Photography isn't about finding pretty places and taking pretty pictures.

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