The Wave

Shot in St.Joseph Michigan during a 55 mph wind storm.

Shot in St.Joseph Michigan during a 55 mph wind storm.
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30 Comments | Report
mistybanks October 05, 2013
Big fan of anything Nautical. This is amazing!
Kazza60 October 05, 2013
Awesome capture !!
ctoc PRO
ctoc October 05, 2013
This is a contest winner somewhere.
mclaybaugh PRO
mclaybaugh October 06, 2013
AliAlzuhair October 06, 2013
TomK Premium
TomK October 06, 2013
Great capture,
View1925 October 06, 2013
My Goodness - This is AMAZING on so many levels!!!!!!!!! Great Job - deb:)
Djorn October 08, 2013
Tough to keep anything steady in 55 mph winds. Excellent work there!
jojoxena October 10, 2013
Dramatic shot,nice one!
sallymac4 October 14, 2013
Love the strength in this shot.
tlotter October 25, 2013
sheilahenshawclyne October 26, 2013
Holy wow-look at all that power!!! Very amazing-great catch:)
angiecoons October 26, 2013
Love the way you captured droplets in front of and sheeting behind the light house!
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 October 26, 2013
Wow.. Amazing capture ! :)
SheilaFaryna PRO
SheilaFaryna October 27, 2013
Rl1956 February 03, 2014
WOW, this is amazing, great job
bobbyireysellers February 12, 2014
Amazing picture!
texaaronpueschel PRO
texaaronpueschel December 21, 2014
A winner for sure. Artistic.
Capture-Life January 26, 2015
WOW! completely ahhhsomeeeee! :):)
robwood_2863 January 26, 2015
Unbelievably dramatic composition!
charlesandersonjr January 27, 2015
THANK YOU so much everyone!!!!!
sebastianmuglia January 27, 2015
Can you spell beautiful? That's it!
JDLifeshots January 30, 2015
Amazing capture, congrats!
sandrakdevaux February 17, 2015
Amazing! I just bought a print! Do I get a conformation?
rodshop7 February 22, 2015
Awesome shot, beautiful lighting .One to be prod of!
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 February 27, 2015
High drama! What a fabulous shot, such a sense of the power and turmoil of the water.
RhondaMcD March 05, 2015
Beautiful and dramatic. Congratulations.
Littlestar4Photography Premium
Littlestar4Photography September 08, 2015
Just beautiful!
brianvandermerwe March 23, 2017
WOW! I dont know what else to say. WOW
banerjeedip June 28, 2018

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Behind The Lens

This was taken while visiting St.Joseph, Michigan.
I was out shooting in the late afternoon between 2 and 5 pm.
I was still pretty novice shooting images. I unique October wind storm came up along the western coast of Michigan. This storm had winds of 45-55 m.p.h with gusts up to 70 m.p.h. Grains of sand we're pelting me like little "bullets". So changing lenses out here was out of the question and using my tripod was impossible. I actually shot this while kneeling on the ground with my back to the wind. I had to use my body a tripod shielding the camera and placing the lens along my arm to shoot. I had to use a larger f-stop, 5.6 and ISO 800 out here due to the lack of natural light.
I shot this with my canon rebel Xsi, using a 300 mm lens.
I've heard of these storms along the coast and when the opportunity came along I drove down to see mother nature play along the shoreline. I wasn't disappointed, to see the beech erosion and the power of wind and water is a lifetime memory.
This did take a little work to clean up the image, there was very poor natural lighting, and the image was grainy (did some noise reduction with topaz denoise). And due to high winds and using my body as a tripod the image was not as crisp as it could be. Also my equipment at the time though good, was not the best suited for these conditions.
In my camera bag
I currently use my canon 7D with a 135mm lens.
Be patient, wait for conditions to change. Dress for the day and give yourself time. The elements can change quickly, or better yet you can see the conditions change and adapt your shooting as the scene changes.

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