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e_pedroche January 17, 2015
cclaude PRO
cclaude January 19, 2015
Very creative! Congrats!
NadiaTildesley January 19, 2015
Quite a mesmerizing image! I'm so transfixed on it. :)
kathymuhle PRO+
kathymuhle January 20, 2015
Congratulations on your win! Fantastic photo!
gkojadinovic January 20, 2015
Thank you all!
bcenu January 20, 2015
Well done. Great work. Love to know the process.
adavies PRO
adavies September 24, 2017
Love it! Really well done! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my People Enjoying the Leaves of Fall challenge:)
gkojadinovic March 14, 2018
Thank you, people! I am glad you like it!

Behind The Lens

I took the shot five years ago in a city park during the walk with my wife. I very much liked the noisy carpet of fallen leaves which remained in the upper part. And there was this charming little bench which became important for the story.
We were nearing the winter solstice, days were short and cold, so the best time to go out was afternoon. I took the shot around 4 PM. No person involved in making this work got sick.
I had beautiful available light (cloudy and grey), but I had yet to learn that. At that time I was hoping for a ray of sunshine and a little more color.
I used my Canon EOS 1000D and my then new Canon EF 50 lens I was very proud of.
I can't remember whether I saw Broken bench by André Kertész before taking this photo or not. I think charming little bench was just enough to hear me saying: – Please make a few steps towards the bench... and then I knew I have a shot. Several of them have told me that I missed the moment, because the photo causes discomfort – she would have had to be a step ahead (leaving) or behind (arriving). The title raises even more questions. I love the state of uncertainty. So does the community of fellow photographers.
Oh, yes! I had to blur the background to emphasize the subjects and "do something" with color. It took me some time to brush up my post-processing skills and there years later I was ready to get back to the shot. Strong Motion Blur added some strange atmosphere to the forest in the background. Since its premiere (in 2015) "Rendez-vous" brought me some recognition in the world of art photography.
In my camera bag
All my equipment is always in my bag: Canon 1000D, Canon EF 50 lens and Canon kit lens, lens filters (CPL, ND, soft, star), nylon sock (for soft focus) and plastic bag (for vignette blur), lens wipes and 1€ coin (instead of screwdriver) for mounting on a tripod. More important things I carry in my head.
Consider carefully what you want to show before you apply similar effect just to have it there. It is pretty difficult to apply it decently to the street photography, so I'm looking forward to see more better works.

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