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gkojadinovic April 24, 2020
Thank you, fellow photographers! I stumbled upon this chair on the top of the abandoned building in Greece (Keramoti). I didn't dare to touch anything, I just enjoyed the pattern and the shadows.
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Behind The Lens

'Blame it on Alice' was taken in Greece during the summer vacation.
I usually get off the beach at noon and use the break to explore the place where I am vacationing. I often make some very interesting shots. Blame in on the sun.
It was a very bright sunny day and the shadows were harsh. Ideal for a cooling in the sea, but I love to get dressed, take my camera, my camera bag and a tripod and wander around. Which makes me wonder for the local people.
I used my old Canon 1000D and nifty fifty lens I had back then.
I stumbled upon the unfinished house down the street. The gate was open and I decided to enter the house. I was quite uncomfortable until I went around all the rooms, because I didn't know what I would find inside. Lots of trash, pigeon feathers (and droppings) everywhere. At the top I found this lovely mosaic and an overturned chair in the center. I had the impression that Alice from Wonderland had just overturned her chair and hid from me. I decided not to change anything but to use the scene the way I found it. I went around the chair in circles trying to find the angle where the shadows would make sense and balance with the chair. I took many shots in the process, but in the end I had no dilemma which shot was the best.
I cleaned the tiles and increased the saturation of the blue tiles.
In my camera bag
I usually carry some filters, because everything else I have during the photo shooting is in my hands.
What is the chance of finding something similar? Keep your eyes open, don't be afraid to explore and even trespass. You will get something even better.

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