Turkey Gourmet Sub

Delicious gourmet turkey sub on a multigrain hoagie, with fresh white cheese, soy sprouts, tomato, lettuce and "chipotle" dressing....
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Delicious gourmet turkey sub on a multigrain hoagie, with fresh white cheese, soy sprouts, tomato, lettuce and "chipotle" dressing.
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Winner in Can't You Just Taste It?! Photo Challenge
Contest Finalist in Looks Yummy Photo Contest
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Bobwhite PRO
Bobwhite June 03, 2016
Jmalov June 03, 2016
Thank you Bob!
joycealicesmith June 03, 2016
That looks good!!! Congratulations on winning the Challenge!
Jmalov June 03, 2016
Thank you Joyce!

Behind The Lens

I specialize in Food Photography and so I was hired to shoot on location the menu images for a new gourmet burger and sub restaurant in Monterrey, Mexico.
The photo shoot started at 10:30 in the morning and we finished by 6:00pm. Total number of items was 8, so I guess we had a good day and the most important thing: the customer was very happy with the photos.
I work with studio strobes in order to keep my light consistent. I love day light, but when shooting for a client, having a lighting set-up that can produce the same consistent results time and time again, means one less thing to worry about. It just allows me to concentrate fully on how the product looks!
All this photo shoot I had a Sigma 105mm f/2.8 Macro mounted on my Sony A850. I used a 3 light set-up for this job, one light bouncing off from a white 5x7ft collapsible reflector on the left side of the table, another strobe bouncing off from a large white reflector 10' in the back. And the 3rd light with a grid and placed back on the right side, about 7' back from the table, 5' to the right from the camera axis and about 4' above the table and pointing down and feathering a little over the food. I also had a 42" round silver reflector to the right of the camera and close to the table. The strobes are a 2400w/s black line Speedotron with 2 102 heads and a 1600w/s Whitelighting monoblock.
This was a commissioned assignment and my standard goal for every photo shoot is: To produce "Mouthwatering Images" for the client.
I shoot RAW and then go to Adobe Camera Raw to fine tune the white balance, next the images go to Photoshop CS6 for a simple file optimizing process: spot cleaning if required, levels adjustment layer, tonal contrast adjustment layer and finally a noise cleaning.
In my camera bag
Sony A850 24.6 MP FX camera, Sirui Carbon fiber travel tripod, 50mm f/2.8 macro lens, 105mm f/2.8 macro lens, 28-75 f/2.8 zoom lens, 17mm f/3.5 super-wide lens, speedlight, radio TX/RX wireless flash trigger. ND 4 stops filter, cleaning accessories, a mini-maglite led torch, bubble level.
To replicate a shot like this one, lighting is the critical factor. And I say that not trying to diminish other valuable aspects that can make or break a good image, but since the question here is for capturing something with the same look, I have to say that lighting is KEY. You can get a nice plate and have a careful composition, but if you don't have the light right, you're not gonna make it. I see many photos shot by very good chefs, who, no doubt are actually delicious food, but they just made a snapshot of their creation and upload it to instagram or facebook and sadly the outcome does not make justice to the dish! Appetizing food photography is NOT about "taste" as much as "LOOKS", since people can only see the image and NOT smell it, taste it and enjoy the experience of eating it, an image is limited to appeal to the sight of the viewer to entice him or her to go and try the product on the promotional, whatever that is: a flyer, a direct mail piece, restaurant menu, a billboard, etc.

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