Little Lights

Model: lara Sluyter

Model: lara Sluyter
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fotogalmexican PRO
fotogalmexican November 02, 2014
mirjamkoning0702 November 02, 2014
Thank you!

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Behind The Lens

I took this picture in a park, close to Leiden, the Netherlands.
The picture was taken around 5:30 pm. I have never worked with dusk before, so it was pretty challenging for me.
I used a 'led video lighting' with a yellow filter, to light up my model. The candles had to light up her face for a mysterious effect.
I worked with a Nikon D3300, 50mm 1.8 lens. As said before, I also used a 'led video lighting' I like to move around freely, so I did not use a tripod for this shot.
I always loved candles. As a kid I could stare for hours at the little flames of it. So I came up with the idea to photograph them. I also prefer photographing people. So I thought: why not combine them? That's pretty much how I came up with the idea.
Yes, I did! Actually I always do, never miss a chance to improve your photo, right? I lit up the picture a bit, added a little contrast, a little extra blue and green, and played around with the curves.
In my camera bag
My camera(obviously), a 50mm 1.8 and a 18-105 lens, a reflector, an extra battery and SD card (these can really save your life) and my video led light. Oh and not to forget: something to eat!
Most important, make sure (if you are in the woods) that the environment is moist. You really do not want to start a fire! A fixed focal lens will capture more light, so thats the best pick. Don't be scared to use a higher ISO, it will make things a lot easier.

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