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DigitalDawn June 12, 2013
Holy Wow! That has got to be the most amazing thing ever to walk through. What an amazing walkway! Fantastic shot David of this beautiful scene. Great composition, great colors, of course it will WIN the yellow contest easily in my opinion. Lovely textures, lighting. BEAUTIFUL! Amazing place and a beautiful shot. Thank you for sharing, I have never seen anything so breath taking.
CanadianOutlaw June 12, 2013
This is a spectacular shot !
ChristinaFreak June 13, 2013
Spectacular to say the least!!!!
scottwneal June 13, 2013
carolcardillo June 14, 2013
Breathtaking shot, David! Color, lighting, composition - perfect.
jrsosky June 14, 2013
rmr731 June 14, 2013
Wow David! This is soooo gorgeous! Congrats! It is deserved!
jleiweke June 14, 2013
markcoleman June 14, 2013
CanadianOutlaw June 14, 2013
Congrats !!!!!!!!
Arzhtatiana June 14, 2013
An interesting shot! Congratulations!
tsambaproductions June 14, 2013
adoptedone June 15, 2013
Amazing! Congratulations on your award!
mclime June 15, 2013
Pretty capture, congrats!
GRACECAPRI June 15, 2013
Gorgeous capture! Well done
IsabellaD June 15, 2013
AMAZING ! love colors, great compositionm wish was there, congrats on well deserved award!
Wayne_Sr June 15, 2013
Wow! This is beautiful! Congrats!
redwriter June 15, 2013
Great image. Congrats. - Jake
drakkardarkblade June 15, 2013
congrats awesome please check out my work
Juneteenthemancipation June 15, 2013
A piece that demands reflection and deliberate focus. Phenomenal storytelling.
Woombaway June 16, 2013
Congrats David that is a beautiful capture the colours are simply devine.
snowdon June 16, 2013
I think that I have replied to everyone personally but there are so many different feeds of information that I am bound to have missed someone, if so I am sorry........ I really appreciate the awards and comments that have been given, thank you to everyone who has commented, liked, awarded a peer recognition or favourited the image. Kind regards David
SammyNJM June 16, 2013
gorgeous shot!
mailsmc June 16, 2013
Gorgeous color, love the comp!
Hari_Subagio June 17, 2013
Wonderful , great colors and compo
melissa3339 June 17, 2013
Stunning! Congrats!
anneschlueter June 18, 2013
This is gorgeous! Congratulations on well deserved award!
RayYoungYHY June 18, 2013
Anoud June 18, 2013
Love it ! Congrats
MaryAnne306 June 20, 2013
Wow! Couldn't believe what I was seeing. Absolutely spectacular. Congratulations on your award!
UnkleFrank June 21, 2013
Nice going David, This is simply gorgeous!!!
simorgh June 22, 2013
my God i never think that such beautiful place exsist in world very nice photo thanks
Juliamclean June 25, 2013
KristyLJ June 25, 2013
merv1948 June 30, 2013
An Absolute gem!
carolcardillo July 09, 2013
Congratulations, David, on being awarded Staff Favorite! Yay!!! :-D
debcoimages July 15, 2013
Wow! What a spectacle! Nice capture David and congrats on winning staff favourite :)
roboto July 20, 2013
Amazing shot, love the color that the abundance of flowers cast on the scene, also nice point of view!
Gaydee July 21, 2013
Congrats on the award ! Enchanting image... love it :))
mylene_ralph July 29, 2013
JonHurdWildImage August 06, 2013
this is incredible!! The composition is masterful! I tip my cap at you sir! :)
estercastillo08 August 07, 2013
Wonderful ! Congrats !!
flyingelkphotography August 13, 2013
This is so beautiful! I love that you managed to capture this golden path without any visitors. The colours are amazing!
Grevandi August 17, 2013
beautiful detail and tone...
garthurdavis August 18, 2013
Great shot with tremendous depth ! ! ! Super golden touch ! ! ! FAVORITED, PEER RECOGNIZED & VOTED ! ! !
sheriminardi August 25, 2013
The colours are absolutely beautiful in this composition. Very nice.
WhitneyDF August 28, 2013
Gorgeous colors. A wonderful shot!
luzio September 04, 2013
Snappin-shots September 04, 2013
Phototech September 10, 2013
What a beautiful shot! just awesome David WOW!!
JoaoFreire October 04, 2013
Great and beautiful shot
tjambga November 11, 2013
Beautiful and breathtaking.
mountainman70 December 01, 2013
congratulations on the well deserved award - masterful work - can't say enough about an effort such as this -
pixellimagery December 01, 2013
Loved DigitalDawn's comment (waaaay up the top!) ... what's left to say ... :-))
What a beautiful place, glorious lighting, what a structure: man-made and natural!
Congrats on the award David, thoroughly deserved! :-))
carolcardillo December 02, 2013
LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo. Already awarded, favorited, and voted. Just re-visiting. ;-) Fingers crossed for a Win!
lizziemellis December 05, 2013
Awesome! Well done:-)
merv1948 December 09, 2013
What a fabulous capture of a very unique and beautiful place ! It looks so long ! Well worth the award !
chiefstingy December 24, 2013
Gorgeous shot. The path leads you right into the amazing colors. Just wish the left hand side was not so distracting. But in all it is a great shot :)
Flosno December 27, 2013
Beautiful capture....voted
Meggerz December 27, 2013
jamesvcase January 05, 2014
absolutely stunning capture.. congrats
texaaronpueschel January 13, 2014
texaaronpueschel January 29, 2014
Rich colors!
lindywalker January 29, 2014
So beautiful!! One could get lost along this trail
anoopnamboothiri February 13, 2014
Wow! Stunning David!! Brilliant capture!!
rg5858 April 01, 2014
Wow!!! Wow!!! There is few Jaw Dropping and this is one.
tmlakshmi April 04, 2014
Flosno May 22, 2014
Nice entry....voted
BrianBasson June 29, 2014
David, a superb shot of this beautiful archway.
csmmacker2004 July 17, 2014
Awesome Shot, Very Nice Work
Snappin-shots August 17, 2014
absolutely love this photo, Voted In full bloom!! :)
nancygarneau October 14, 2014
Just wow!
jeffcody October 16, 2014
Forgive me but all I can say is this is spectacular. Wish I could find the words to express how amazing this photo is.
texaaronpueschel October 27, 2014
Your skill with color amazes me. Off course, voted.
GigiJim08 October 28, 2014
Love this. it is very beautiful. Voted Gardens.
matej007 October 30, 2014
Fantastic image! Great colors
ovosphotography May 12, 2015
well done!
Punkypal August 07, 2015
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Punkypal August 07, 2015
JoseFSandoval August 07, 2015
EverydayLivingMoments August 11, 2015
RodriAndreotti August 20, 2015
Awesome, I really like these kind of phototures
Julzzz September 01, 2015
So beautiful!!
gallmese September 10, 2015
Cooooool colors!
dawnfitch September 24, 2015
There was one like this in Hampton Court Palace years ago. Wonder if it is still there!
Jules40 October 01, 2015
WOW...this is lovely!
tmlakshmi October 02, 2015
stunning voted
tmlakshmi October 02, 2015
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jasonqs October 06, 2015
Commander14n7 October 14, 2015
great photo I love the colors :)
KCraine October 18, 2015
Awesome colour!!
PhotoFunny-Photografia October 29, 2015
Great Photo :))
koolv November 12, 2015
Simply beautiful
KlebersonGomes January 05, 2016
MaryMarie January 25, 2016
What an AMAZING shot! Would love to walk through this fantastic place. Love it! Thank you for sharing :)
castewart20 February 02, 2016
I keep coming back to this image. Absolutely Stunning!!!
TenderSuccess February 22, 2016
kev1363 March 06, 2016
Oooooo.........yes! Stunning! :)
blairwacha March 16, 2016
I'm amazed that shot hasn't got dozens of contest wins. It's spectacular!
blairwacha March 16, 2016
I'm amazed that shot hasn't got dozens of contest wins. It's spectacular!
travlndon March 23, 2016
Should have used this for the Yellow Brick Road in "wizard of Oz!" Excellent tones.
dickshia April 01, 2016
Impressive capture! An interesting initial impact. Vanishing viewpoint. Diminishing perspective. Subtle illumination. Good perspective & long depth of field... Excellent lighting, focusing & framing. Outstanding creativity!
bastardcollector April 02, 2016
Loukiwi April 05, 2016
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Loukiwi April 05, 2016
Love it gorgeous vibrant colours I would love one photo lying on the road and take a photograph looking up to see the amazing foliage and the light from above
asia_krasuska May 20, 2016
Amazing scenery - absolutely a fairytale setting. I adore the colours and composition, a perfect scene! Thankyou for Sharing!
I,, love..
naumanziabutt June 09, 2016
amazing capture. Congrates
Beegirl September 11, 2016
Very Nice capture,lovely colors
sarahdarvill January 11, 2017
You should enter this in my Arches photo challenge :-)
The link is:
pretblueye February 17, 2017
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
pretblueye February 17, 2017
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debralecompte February 23, 2017
This is such a masterpiece!
debralecompte February 23, 2017
It looks like something from The Wizard of Oz. This shot could even be cropped into several spectacular shots there is so much beauty and depth captured here. I noticed this as I scrolled down to make this comment. The composition is excellent as is of course.. I keep going back for another look...
Steve_PFB March 05, 2017
Stunning shot
FrankSomma June 01, 2017
Congratulations on your success David!
carolcardillo June 03, 2017
Yay, Dave! This photo was meant for this contest! Congrats again! Fingers crossed for the win! One of my favorite pics on VB.
MicktheGreek June 23, 2017
Well done on the Finalist in Parks and Gardens contest David!
jamiesarkett June 23, 2017
Congratulations snowdon - gorgeous shot :)
alisawilkerson June 25, 2017
GigiJim08 July 24, 2017
Really amazing world. Congratulations on your award!
estercastillo08 August 29, 2017
Amazing !!
ChibaBob June 16, 2018
Wow! This is awesome! This is the kind of photo I aspire to take.
GayleLucci July 17, 2018
Talk about the WOW factor...the colors are scrumptious and make the heart dance with joy. Congratulations on such a masterpiece! Gayle
dilipsinroja Jan 23
Awesome photo
davidgerhartz Jul 18
A spectacular picture .
gman176 Jul 27
Fascinating image!

Bodnant arch

The Laburnum Arch at Bodnant garden in Conwy. a very famous arch and a must for visitors. Usually flowers in May but early June in 2013....
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The Laburnum Arch at Bodnant garden in Conwy. a very famous arch and a must for visitors. Usually flowers in May but early June in 2013.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Bodnant National Trust Garden in Conwy, North Wales, UK. The Bodnant Laburnum Arch is a long awaited phenomenon each year and thousands of people descend on the garden to capture the blossom. The National Trust has a FaceBook page and the countdown is eagerly watched by many people. The only difficulty is waiting for the crowds of people to walk through to capture a moment in time
The time was 3.40pm when the strong light had left the arch. It was important to take the photo at a time when there was good light but not high contrast.
Strong sunlight makes for strong light coming in from the edges and gaps in the arch. It is important in my view to choose a time when there is not strong contrast and in that way colour detail can be preserved in the lighter areas outside the main arch. The yellow is ever present, the secret is to capture sufficient peripheral lighting detail in both light and dark areas
I used an Olympus XZ-1 camera on a tripod set at a low viewpoint to give the wide viewpoint from a low perspective. The XZ-1 camera is an excellent f/1.8 compact camera with manual settings. The settings were 1/80 second ... f/5.6 .... ISO 100
As I said earlier, the blooming of the laburnum is long awaited and the planning just involved what day is perfect in terms of light and blooms, too late and the blooms will all be on the floor, too soon and the yellow has not fully developed. I was inspired to take this photo by the personal need to reproduce the beautiful colour and detail that I have seen previously.
Yes I used Photoshop, the original was exposed for the highlights and software was used in development of the contrast and the reduction of the peripheral highlight areas and then I sharpened the photo.
In my camera bag
I now have two micro four thirds Olympus cameras, an OMD EM-1 and an OMD EM10mk11 I have several micro four-thirds lenses ranging from a wide angle 9-18mm and 60mm f/ 2.8 to a 300mm f2.8. I have a flash gun and lens cleaning equipment. I also have a tripod although I often use the cameras hand held.
To take photos like this, I suggest that a photographer needs to identify the subject to be photographed ... in this case I have identified the shape of the arch and the detail of the hanging flowers. Then decide on a composition that best shows off the subject.... in this case, I have identified a low point of view as the best. Then be patient until the light is right because conditions vary over time.... then wait for an opportunity ...

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