sherrymarie June 12, 2013
Love it....a beauty in the flowing dress
diporzio June 19, 2013
surreal elegance in this dry and harsh setting
goober20101 July 08, 2013
congratulations on your feature
PhotoAlaska July 08, 2013
very nice
AlanJakarta July 08, 2013
Beautiful image. Congratulations on being featured.
ingridapril July 08, 2013
drakkardarkblade July 08, 2013
congrats, fantastic, please check out my work
catini July 08, 2013
Great composition and creativity, congrats on your feature!
iceman2 July 08, 2013
Beautiful shot.Congrats!
hotpixel July 08, 2013
Congratulations on your gorgeous feature (:
jleiweke July 08, 2013
KelceyJean July 08, 2013
Beautiful - just beautiful!
mailsmc July 08, 2013
Gorgeous shot! Congrats on your feature!
akhtarkhan July 08, 2013
Beauty in the wilderness. Pure elegance.....nice work. Congrats on the feature.
kelsav July 08, 2013
Gorgeous shot. Congrats on the feature!
sherrymarie July 08, 2013
Congrats on the Feature :)
ConceptArtists July 08, 2013
Shades48 July 08, 2013
She's very attractive. good image.
LoriAlbers July 08, 2013
ashlaureenphoto July 10, 2013
redwriter July 10, 2013
Great image. Congrats. - Jake
Carli July 13, 2013
beautiful portrait, congrats :D
ThompsonsPhotography July 29, 2013
great shot
photoshack October 03, 2013
Your fashion work is awesome!
Koi_Mau January 28, 2014
great photo
LamarrGolding April 03, 2014
This is such an awesome shot!
ronlodi April 03, 2014
real nice work, congrats
ArtQ April 04, 2014
Congrats on your finalist award.
swarnashanmugalingam April 07, 2014
Nice flowing dress. Love it.
SuperT22 April 11, 2014
AlanJakarta April 15, 2014
My previous comment refers. Congratulations on being the Runner-up.
ArtQ April 17, 2014
Congrats on your Runner-up Award.
adamstudios June 02, 2014
absolutely stunning!
Solo July 04, 2014
how do you guys do that?
rejeanbrandt July 09, 2014
Hi there, could you please explain? I'm not sure what you mean.
annikacurren July 21, 2014
-OUTDOOR-PHOTOGRAPHY September 10, 2014
Love this

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Jun, 2013

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Won Contest Finalist in Outdoor Portraits Photo ContestDecember, 2014
Won Runner Up in On Location Photo ContestApril, 2014
Won Contest Finalist in On Location Photo ContestApril, 2014
Won FeaturedJune, 2013

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
I believe this was shot at around 11am, and it was already scorching hot out. Definitely one of my favourite shoots to date.
Since I was shooting in a national park, I couldn't bring a large setup. To light this I had my assistant hold a large reflector, using the gold side to give a nice sun-kissed tone.
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
I had seem a lot of great photos being taken at Red Rock Canyon so when I was visiting Las Vegas, I had to go. A designer friend lent me some of her pieces which were very elegant and soft. For this shot, I wanted to showcase the elegance of the dress against a tough environment.
I use Alien Skin's Exposure plug-in in Photoshop, and play around with the settings until I get the desired look. This process is great for maintaining tonal continuity when retouching editorials.
In my camera bag
When it comes to equipment, I'm quite minimal. I have my Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon 70-200mm 2.8, Canon 24-105mm and a Canon 50mm 1.4. I also carry several different sizes of reflectors.
When shooting in a national park, be sure to research the place first to see if a permit is required. I did get into some trouble, or rather thought I got into some trouble shooting here. You can read about it in an article on -

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