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Abandoned Tractor

The antique tractor sits idly rusting in the field.

The antique tractor sits idly rusting in the field.
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melda PRO
melda May 30, 2013
Very Cool!
ChrisKIELY June 03, 2013
Stunning photography! I adore these tones. I would love to be able to get an effect like that. It really brings out the beauty of the machinery.
barbarabrock PRO+
barbarabrock June 03, 2013
Thank you! But...your photos are fabulous!
KayBrewer PRO+
KayBrewer October 09, 2013
I'd say this was Frozen in Time - Voted!

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in Dalton Garden, Idaho, a community of one-acre properties adjacent to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
Probably about 11:00 a.m.
Natural lighting.
Sony Nex-6 with 14-55mm lens.
I was driving around in this rural area looking for objects/scenes that caught my eye. This old, broken-down tractor was about 30 feet from the road, just pulled over by a fence. I loved the red color and the broken wheel. It seemed symbolic of an earlier time there on the farm.
I used a few sliders and an in-camera HDR.
In my camera bag
I carry a Sony Nex-6 and a Sony a6000. My lenses are a 14mm, 14-55mm, 50-210mm and fish-eye. I carry a bean bag for stabilizing and some cleaning materials, extra batteries and memory cards.
It's amazing how many photo ops exist in a rural neighborhood. The windmills, barns, goats, horses, fences, horse trailers, tractors, mailboxes, paths, old trucks, etc. etc. I drive around, get out of the car and approach a scene. I do, however, always look around for loose dogs that might be protective about the property!

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