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amuschik November 04, 2014
Love the leaf overlay. Beautiful photo
adilamjad November 05, 2014
i am in love with this model
samuelralph November 10, 2014
I am going out tomorrow with a model to do a shoot ... looking for inspiration !! look no further .... this is amazing if i can get one shot like this i will die a happy man !! lol Wonderful work keep it up :)
ntgreen December 22, 2014
Beautiful shot ... excellent composition and lighting ... excellent everything!!!
christinedibbs January 20, 2015
Ingleman January 21, 2015
Breathtaking beauty. Great colour and composition. A top class portrait!
harveyjewett February 17, 2015
Brilliant work. Simply stunning!
chantelleogorman March 05, 2015
I am in awe of your talent!
BowmanLifeStudios August 01, 2015
Beautiful portrait, love the colors and composition... Very well executed...
Custerlb August 01, 2015
Beautiful photo, the model with the leafy overlay makes this one of the best photos I have seen in quite some time.
Remraf August 01, 2015
iceman2 August 01, 2015
Beautiful capture! Congratulation
FazooLoo August 03, 2015
Stunning, and the idea of the shoot!
markchamberlin August 04, 2015
The hair/leaf color theme is gorgeous. Brilliant use of Bokeh both front/back.
Rodney_Gaviola August 07, 2015
Awesome shot!!!
Popmixer August 08, 2015
Amazing autumn tones also find the arrangement of the hair with the strands of hair twisted around one wrist plus the twirly hair on the hand extremely arty as I do the total look...
ulisessandoval August 10, 2015
I´ve always loved this photo since i was it. :)
ghphotouk August 20, 2015
Gorgeous rich colours and composition, beautiful...
joecas August 20, 2015
Beautiful portrait!
NickBPhotoUK August 27, 2015
Wonderful photograph. Well done.
Lord_Martino September 14, 2015
MarloesDeneeMcNeil October 28, 2015
Wow - love the color :)
adavies September 24, 2017
Love this...just awesome! Really well done! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my People Enjoying the Leaves of Fall challenge:)

Fall in the Air

I love this time of year.

This uses my new leaf overlays, at my store (
I love this time of year.

This uses my new leaf overlays, at my store (
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