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elainebealsmith January 07, 2015
I just love this of my favorites of yours!!!
Ingleman January 21, 2015
Very, very good!
Barniegoog February 09, 2015
A stunning image, congratulations.
AlanJakarta February 09, 2015
As Albert Hammond's song goes "It pours, man it pours" - a wonderful shot of your son & dog. Congratulations on being Featured.
AmrutaMachetty February 09, 2015
hotpixel February 09, 2015
Terrific image... congratulations !!
LynnsPhoto February 09, 2015
Congrats on the feature! This is a lovely portrait, especially nice with the reflection in the window!
lisawiza February 09, 2015
Hey wonderful as always! I got featured today and im a little star struck being featured alongside one of my fav photographers. Especially as my image has one of your textures incorporated in the edit :)
WileKyK February 09, 2015
Awesome capture. Congratulations on your Feature!
stamatispappas February 09, 2015
Simply marvelous!
GBloniarz February 09, 2015
Robb February 09, 2015
congratulations , supererb
tetvet February 09, 2015
good job, congrats. lots of feeling
Bighani February 09, 2015
ann11 February 09, 2015
Doesn't get much better than this... Just love it!
Ujjwal February 09, 2015
Beautiful. Congratulation on Feature.
chuckrickman February 09, 2015
Lovely image. So powerful. Congrats on being featured.
vblouisesnelson462571 February 09, 2015
Just beautiful
PattyTuggle February 09, 2015
Absolutely Magnificent Image! Bravo!
PattyTuggle February 09, 2015
Absolutely Magnificent Image! Bravo!
SusiStroud February 09, 2015
A really cute and beautiful shot. Love the reflection also. Congratulations on your Feature!
biba February 09, 2015
NataliaToskina February 10, 2015
So gentle!
martinditchman February 10, 2015
Good work Jessica
ThruMyEyesUC February 13, 2015
This is a beautiful image
redwriter February 13, 2015
Wonderful capture. - Jake
AliAlzuhair February 14, 2015
BrendonFidek February 21, 2015
Nice shot Jessica :D
LindaT February 23, 2015
mistygage February 24, 2015
Adorable shot Jessica!
kateobrien February 28, 2015
Love this capture and thanks for introducing me to Viewbug - I am addicted - no housework for me today :-)
patstang March 05, 2015
This is one of my favorite photos ... I adore the composition ... It's just so sweet and captures the love of one for the love of another ... the child looking out the window - he/she could be waiting for Santa, waiting for Mom or Dad, or just wishing to play outside ... and the puppy over the shoulder - that's the child's protector and look out ... Love it.
LCdutch March 05, 2015
Not only are there lots of technical reasons this capture is fantastic... the look on the boy's face is priceless. A timeless capture that ought to be on a wrapped canvas. Fantastic!
Dunner March 06, 2015
Immediate emotional connection achieved. The mood, the subtle perfect lighting combined with tender composition makes for a magnificent photo. Beautiful work Jessica.
kristinss March 07, 2015
Precious moment... priceless
Roussou March 15, 2015
I'm not a people photographer but this is excellent
vojce March 20, 2015
fantastic bravo
iandewitt April 11, 2015
This is the definition of a beautiful photograph. Bravo!!
SarahKeates April 16, 2015
Gorgeous shot!
karenharterphotography April 23, 2015
Wow...I love everything about this photo. Absolutely gorgeous.
nlhammondphotography May 04, 2015
Wonder shot!! Love the mood, the reflection on the window!
Mrodri1014 May 14, 2015
Great photo of a beautiful little face!
Fantastic shot!
lauramorrison June 10, 2015
Amit61195 June 10, 2015
so cute ^_^
sharlenescarboroughdodds June 15, 2015
ovosphotography June 27, 2015
micanthony_photography August 06, 2015
Great photo!
Bishoop August 07, 2015
I love the reflection
sharlenescarboroughdodds August 29, 2015
The Perfect Photo Love the reflection
CherylG November 13, 2015
WOW! I love the reflection & originality! I would hire you to be my animal photographer! Yo have great photos to advertise for animal photography. Having a photo like this with my animal best friend would be a a really special picture to look at every day :) I love your work! Please keep up all that you do!
CherylG November 13, 2015
Congratulations on being featured! :) Well deserved!
shuttertime March 23, 2016
Love the reflection in the window. Beautiful photo.
mbmphotographs May 26, 2016
tmlakshmi July 24, 2018
judykarendal October 14, 2018
This is superior!

The Blues

It never rains in Southern California until it actually DOES rain in Southern California. Every year, about this time, the rainy season begins and I've bee...
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It never rains in Southern California until it actually DOES rain in Southern California. Every year, about this time, the rainy season begins and I've been taking a photo at my bedroom window of my youngest ever since he was 2.
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Behind The Lens

This image was taken in my son's bedroom.
It was shot in the afternoon on a dreary, rainy day. It was the weekend and he was very bored, he'd been hoping to go outside to play. The sky was overcast and I had the lights off in the room, but there was enough of a soft light to illuminate his face.
This was shot using only natural light from the window. The overcast sky made for a perfect soft light when he got close to the pane. Everything else in the room faded into the darkness perfectly so the focus was on his face and the reflection.
I shot this with a Canon 5D Mark iii and my Sigma Art 50mm 1.4 lens. I did not use a tripod or flash or even a reflector. Very simple set up.
I was inspired by the raw emotion on my boy's face. The longing to be outdoors. I loved how clear his reflection was as well, and how he seemed to be comforted by the dog's presence.
Yes, I use photoshop to adjust my images. I play with overall tonality, dodge and burn, and enhance details. I think Photoshop is an amazing tool to help you enhance the vision you have in your head.
In my camera bag
I shoot with a Canon body (5DMarkiii or 5DSR) and keep my 85mm 1.2, 50mm 1.4, 24-70 2.8 in my bag at all times. I do not use flash or reflectors, or even a tripod.
I would advise them to seek soft light and position their subject as close to the window as possible. I think it's very important to make sure that you are not over-directing shots like this. I remained quiet and let my boy think, not over-doing the emotion with too much posing. I think that some knowledge of photoshop is also important to enhance details and dodge and burn. Having great work straight out of camera is awesome, but in my opinion, the edit in post is essential to fully convey the emotions you want to express.

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