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hanskapfer December 01, 2014
verry nice picture
KatieMcKinneyPhotography June 10, 2015
This is awesome! I love Border Collies :)
SilkeKapfer May 13, 2016
Yeah! Border Collies are pretty cool to take pictures off! They make it very easy! :D


Charlie jumping after a shell on the beach
Charlie jumping after a shell on the beach
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Behind The Lens

During an internship with Africa Media in Mosselbay, South Africa
all natural light. no flash
Canonn 550D, Standard lense 18-55mm
It was the end of my internship with Africa Media. Charlie is just an amazing dog to play with and take pictures of. He knows a lot of tricks and loves to jump after stones, balls or like in this picture shells. I took so many of him jumping arround and just wanted to try out if i could get a closer angle to him.
I just put it through Lightroom to adjust a few little things like shadows and highlights. nothing else really
In my camera bag
Canon 550D, Standard Twin lense kit 18-55 + 55-250 , Vanguard Alta+ Tripod, Chocolate and MP3 Player (to focus better)
To start with you need a dog thats crazy about jumping after shells, stones ect. and its great if he knows some commands. You can be better prepared if you know he only starts running ect when hes given the right command. Otherwise just experiment. I didnt look through my viewfinder at all for that picture here. I was just sitting next to him and petting him. But he kept staring at the shells in front of us (we were at the beach). So i just pointed my camera up to the sky next to me guessing where he might would jump and threw the shell straight up in the air and Charlie jumped straight up in the air trying to catch the shell. I was on continuous shoot and kept pressing the shutter button. I did it a few times and i got the shot i wanted! And a lot of sand on my Camera!!!!!! Be careful with that! Of course you will get a lot of bad pictures as well, like where hes cut of or something. Maybe if you can lie down and a friend throws the shell it might be easier or having a really wide angle lense helps as well i can imagene!

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