Amy in Market Harborough, Leicestershire - taken with a reflector...

Amy in Market Harborough, Leicestershire - taken with a reflector...
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SinisaCiglenecki January 19, 2016
Beautiful portrait and model!
StudioLeFort February 12, 2016
Thank you very much...!
Marcogressler February 15, 2016
wonderful shot!
StudioLeFort February 16, 2016
Thank you...!
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Behind The Lens

It was taken in a small alleyway in the middle of Market Harborough, Leicestershire. I had been searching every week for a good location in this rather 'dull' town and couldn't believe the light when I looked down this alleyway...!
It was taken at that wonderful time of day, early in the morning when everyone is heading to work - usually no one wants to stop but Amy did...
Just natural daylight in mid summer, plus a reflector to reflect some light back onto Amy's face...
Canon 450D with a 50mm F/1.8 lens - plus a reflector...
I had taken hundreds of strangers photos but this was the first time I had tried with a reflector. Lots of people on the '100 Strangers' project on Flickr had taken photos with reflectors and I had never been brave enough to try. So after ordering one from an on-line shop, I ventured out to ask someone - I couldn't believe how lucky I was to meet Amy, find this wonderful alleyway and use my reflector for the first time all together...
The usual crop and skin tidy - plus Amy had a small tuft of hair sticking out which unbalanced the shot - it took quite a lot of time (over an hour) to get rid of it, but it was worth the extra time in post-edit...
In my camera bag
I usually travel light, just a camera, one lens, a reflector and a pad of paper and a pencil to jot down my details so my strangers know where they can see their photos...
Be brave and experiment with new kit otherwise you will never know whether it helps or hinders...

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