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tinekeziemer November 08, 2014
great storytelling
ntgreen December 06, 2014
Outstanding photo ... tells a story and creatively handled ... love the post processing, not too obvious (not even sure if there is any but I think there is ... perfect). Very clever, one of my all time favourites!!!
dareco January 19, 2015
This REALLY brings back memories!! Incredible!
JDLifeshots January 20, 2015
Great shot, congrats.
Chrissimpson01 February 23, 2015
Wonderful detail and composition.
paulcarew March 10, 2015
Superb! thanks for the ride along!!!
CLauraPhotography October 15, 2015
I love your style!
larbee January 10, 2016
Great feeling with detail!
JWBrowning March 23, 2016
If Norman Rockwell were a photographer instead! There are so many so many stories being told here.
zeldabrits May 19, 2016
Congratulations on the win, fantastic photo
Yacoub October 22, 2016
Great story it is. I love the treatment and the arty feel created by your choice of black and white. Nice work
russellwalker April 04, 2017
Lovely shot, it had a nostalgic quality about it. It looks likes a warm safe place to be while waiting for mum or dad to return.
Smert September 03, 2017
Great photo journalistic : documentary shot
lauragarnett May 11, 2018
Awesome photo and love that it’s black and white...may I ask what you used for post processing?

Wating for crumbs

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Behind The Lens

At Carnhell green rallie
Taken in the afternoon
Just used natural light
Nikon D7000 and Tokina 11-16mm 2.8
I was just walking around and you see the image in your mind before you take it, this one turned out better than expected
A few tweaks in photoshop before converting with silver efex
In my camera bag
A selection of lenses and flashes with triggers fav lens at moment is 70-210mm D nikon lens
Look around the lighting caught my eye and relationship between the boy and the dog, be quick as some moments are over before you even raise your camera

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